BME 600 Seminar on Nov. 21

    Title: Integrated Medicinal Cannabis Strain Classification Based on Genetic, Morphological, and Chemical Profiles
    Location: ECHA L1-220
    Time: Noon to 1:00PM

    November 19, 2018

    Presenter: Dan Jin


    Currently, raw cannabis is not an approved therapeutic drug in Canada because it lacks proof of safety and efficacy. At the same time, studies and clinical research are hampered by the difficulty in selecting strains. The sheer range of unregulated strains with unreliable names makes it challenging for producers to decide which strains to grow, for healthcare practitioners to decide which strain to prescribe, and for researchers to study and perform clinical trials on individual strains and applying conclusions to other strains. Standardization of cannabis is a fundamental requirement for future medical research and applications. To enable standardization, it is crucial to untangle the disorganized identities of modern cannabis strains. The objective of my project is to develop a novel, integrated, and systematic classification for modern cannabis strains (including hybrids) using genetics, morphology, and chemical profiles. This system will identify genotypes, phenotypes, and chemotypes by identifying respective markers that can be used individually or in tandem for strain selection and screening of germplasm, live plants, or marketed products.