Peter S Allen MR Research Centre

About Us

The Peter S. Allen MR Research Centre is a 100% research dedicated, state-of-the-art facility in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, Faculties of Medicine & Dentistry and Engineering, University of Alberta. It is home to two whole-body MRI systems (3T and 4.7T), backed by a group of very skilled and enthusiastic professionals, and provides a wide range of possibilities in magnetic resonance research and clinical research applications.

The foundation for the current facility was laid in 1985, when Dr. Peter Allen, recruited from England just two years before that, secured the first MRI machine in Western Canada.

Establishing and operating this kind of facility wouldn't be possible without extensive funding from the Province of Alberta and several funding agencies - Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research, Toupin Foundation, Canada Foundation for Innovation and the University Hosptial Foundation. We would also like to recognize a very generous donation from Al Owen and his family that helped secure the 4.7T system and provided us with the opportunity to build the facility in its current shape and form.

Scientific Director: Dr Christian Beaulieu

Medical Director: Dr Derek Emery

Former Director: Dr Peter Allen