Peter S Allen MR Research Centre

During the history of the Peter S. Allen MR Centre, many students have got their brains - and other body parts - scanned for the sake of research. In the same time, they have somehow managed to learn a lot about the wonderful world of magnetic resonance and, of course, obtained their degree. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of them for the contribution to the science world, the MR research centre and their help in creating the inspiring and enthusiastic atmosphere. Best wishes whichever way life leads you (as you can see below... it indeed does lead all kinds of ways!)

Name Position Tenure Project name Supervisor Last known position
Hongfu Sun PhD 2010-2016 High-field imaging A. Wilman Post-doc, U of Calgary
Sarah Treit PhD Diffusion tensor imaging in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder C. Beaulieu Research Associate, UofA
Maria Mora MSc 2013-2016 Perfusion Imaging (pCASL) C. Beaulieu
Nasir Uddin MSc 2010-2015 High-field imaging of the brain A. Wilman Research scientist, Winnipeg
Sarah Thiesson MSc 2013-2015 Lipid quantification R. Thompson
Kelvin Chow PhD 2007-2014 Myocardial Tissue Characterization R. Thompson Senior scientist, Siemens
Kory Matthewson MSc 2012-2014 Skeletal muscle blood flow and oxygen consumption R. Thompson
Corey Baron PhD 2009-2014 High-field diffusion tensor imaging C. Beaulieu Assistant Prof, UWO
Rebecca Feldman post-doc 2010-2013 Sodium imaging of the knee C. Beaulieu Fellow, Mount Sinai
June Baron PhD 2009-2013 Quantitative imaging of heart function R. Thompson
Russell Lagore PhD 2011-2013 RF coil development A. Wilman Senior RF engineer, U of Minnesota
Min Liu PhD 2011-2013 Diffusion tensor imaging of epilepsy C. Beaulieu
Adrian Tsang PhD 2009-2013 Sodium imaging applications to stroke C. Beaulieu
Andrew Walsh PhD 2011-2013 High-field imaging of the brain A. Wilman Radiology resident, UofA
Yushan Huang MSc 2009-2013 High-field imaging of hippocampus N. Malykhin Research Assistant, BME
Ander Watts MSc 20??-2011 Sodium imaging of the knee C. Beaulieu UofA Medicine
Rob Stobbe PhD 20??-2010 Brain sodium imaging C. Beaulieu Research associate, UofA
Marc Lebel PhD 20??-2010 Novel high-field brain imaging techniques A. Wilman Assistant Professor, U of Calgary
Amir Eissa PhD 20??-2010 High field imaging of blood vessels A. Wilman Professor, Egypt
Catherine Lebel PhD 20??-2010 Diffusion tensor imaging of neurodevelopment C. Beaulieu Assistant Professor, U of Calgary
Dave Vuletich post-doc 2007-2009 High field carbon spectroscopy P. Allen SUNY Brockport
Stijn Michielse BSc Intern 2009-2009 Selective effects of aging on brain white matter microstructure: A DTI tractography study N. Malykhin Maastricht University
David McAllindon MSc 2007-2008 fMRI in Schizophrenia A. Wilman MRI Research Engineer, National Research Council, Halifax
Jacob Ellegood PhD 2002-2007 Diffusion Weight Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy C. Beaulieu Postdoctoral Fellow - Hospital for Sick Children - Toronto
Luis Concha PhD -2008 C. Beaulieu
Jeff Snyder PhD 2003-2008 A. Wilman Postdoctoral Fellow, Universitat Freiburg
Yusuf Bhagat PhD -2007 C. Beaulieu
Farnaz Khosrow-Khavar MSc 2005-2007 A. Wilman Imaging Engineer, Image Vision, Vancouver
Angela Leung MSc -2007 R. Thompson China
Alison Campbell MSc -2006 C. Beaulieu
Anthony Tessier MSc (BME/EE) 2003-2006 A. Wilman MRI Research Scientist, CCI, Edmonton
Atiyah Yahya PhD 1999-2006 In vivo methodologies of 13C NMR spectroscopy P. Allen Medical Physicist, Assistant Prof, CCI, Edmonton
Lindsay Snook MSc -2006 C. Beaulieu NIH, NMR research Associate
Jane Halliday post-doc 2003-2005 P. Allen AstraZeneca
Isidro Bonilla MSc -2005 R. Snyder
Myrlene Gee post-doc 2002-2003 P. Allen Edmonton, NMR Research Associate
Changho Choi post-doc 2000-2001 P. Allen NMR Assistant Prof, UT Dallas
Alexander Holden MSc -2004 A. Wilman Research Engineer, Enviromental engg, UofA
Keith Wachowicz MSc -2004 R. Snyder
Hyeonjin Kim PhD 1997-2004 The optimized detection of myo-inositol and other brain metabolites with strongly-coupled spin system in in-vivo 1H-MRS P. Allen NMR Prof, Korea
Morgan Willson MSc -2003 A. Wilman Calgary, Radiology Resident
Jason Mendes MSc -2003 A. Wilman Salt Lake City, Utah, NMR PhD student
Nicola DeZanche PhD 1996-2001 Anatomically-tailored magnetic resonance radiofrequency probes P. Allen NMR Assistant Prof, CCI, Edmonton
Steven Thomas MSc -2001 A. Wilman BC Cancer Institute, Medical Physicist
Jim Wild post-doc 1998-2000 P. Allen U of Sheffield, NMR prof
Osama Al-Kwifi MSc -2001 A. Wilman Waterloo, PhD student, Engg management
Richard Thompson PhD 1993-1999 In vivo NMR spectroscopy of metabolites with coupled protons P. Allen U of A, NMR prof
Mark Does PhD R. Snyder Vanderbilt, NMR prof
George Dai post-doc R. Snyder NRC, NMR research scientist
Mark Astridge MSc R. Snyder Calgary, RF engineer
Christian Beaulieu PhD 1990-1995 An NMR evaluation of water diffusion and magnetization trasnfer in nerve P. Allen U of A, NMR prof
Qin Liu PhD 1991-1996 G. Hughes GE, NMR research scientist
Alan Wilman PhD 1988-1993 Multiple quantum coherence effects in in-vivo proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy P. Allen U of A, NMR prof
Frank Ye PhD 1989-1995 The quantification of brain iron using proton MRI P. Allen NIH, NMR prof/scientist
Frances Fenrich MSc -1993 A simulation and experimental study of water proton relaxation in a white matter model P. Allen/G. Hughes
Francis Lau PhD -1993 Cpmputer evaluation of health-care statistics P. Allen/Fenna
Edmund Ho MSc -1991 Parameter estimation in NMR using LPSVD P. Allen/R. Snyder
Jie Shen post-doc 1989-1990 P. Allen, Computer programmer
Gang Zhu scientist P. Allen Bruker, NMR research scientist
Patrick Stroman PhD 1988-1993 The dynamic evaluation of alveolar fluid clearance using proton and deuteron NMR imaging in cats P. Allen Queens, NMR prof, Canada Research Chair
Sue Albo MSc 1987-1990 The effects of radiation on normal human brain as assessed by NMR P. Allen U of A, research scientist
Scott Robertson MSc 1986-1989 G. Hughes Singapore, Brew pub consultant
Karim Damji MSc 1986-1989 Pulsatile flow artifacts in 2DFT NMR imaging P. Allen UofA, Senior engineer
Ravi Menon PhD 1986-1990 Some mechanisms of water proton NMR relaxation in model tissue systems P. Allen UWO, NMR prof, Canada Research Chair
Andrew Lunt PDF P. Allen
Steve Reid PDF P. Allen
Erich Treiber PDF P. Allen
Cynthia Stewart MSc -1986 Application of 31P NMR to a study of tumor metabolism P. Allen
Chris Hanstock PDF P. Allen
Steve Knudsen MSc -1986 Fluid flow measurement using NMR imaging P. Allen/R. Snyder
Dave Philips MSc -1987 An in-vivo magnetic resonance evaluation of lung water in cats P. Allen
Carey Gibson PDF P. Allen
George Sexsmith MSc P. Allen
Ian Lovett PDF P. Allen
Ian Thomas MSc -1989 Design, development and construction of R.F. antenna for NMR imaging and spectroscopy of the human breast P. Allen
Chen Thomas PDF P. Allen
Phil Bilobzyski MSc P. Allen
Terry Riauka PDF P. Allen
Manuel Castro PhD (surgery) P. Allen
Bohdan Krushelnyky PhD (surgery) P. Allen