Research is the lifeblood of any great university. The Alberta School of Business is proud to announce they have been ranked within the top 100 business schools globally by the Financial Times of London. Overall, the School ranked 31st globally for research, 72nd for PhD, and 86th for MBA.

In Canada, our in Research and MBA Program are ranked 3rd.
Out of publicly-funded universities, the rankings are:
#12 - Research  #48 - PhD  #45 - MBA

Research Impact

As highlighted above, our research impact ranking as a faculty is excellent. In using three key ISI Web of Science areas and comparing them to both our Canadian and US peers, our results are: 


#1 - Canada and #1 - US

Business Finance 

#1 - Canada and #6 - US

Operations Research and Management

#3 - Canada and #6 - US

Key outputs are papers in leading publications. In 2013, we published 50 articles with 29 forthcoming.

Recently announced by Shanghai Jiao Tong, the University of Alberta School of Business ranked 48th in the world, and 2nd in Canada in the Economics and Business subject area. 

The School is proud to announce their participation in the Management Research Network's Business Research Paper Series. This paper series comprises abstracts and papers on a wide range of business disciplines: Accounting, Business Economics, Finance and Statistical Analysis, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Family Business, Marketing, Natural Resources and Energy, Operations and Information Systems, and Strategic Management and Organization. To access all the papers in this series, please click here.

Heather Wier and Karim Jamal

Global Recognition

TOP 10 - The rankings represent both private and publicly-funded universities.