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Jordan Hokanson

Jordan Hokanson

President and Chief Executive Officer

Hokanson Capital
Edmonton, Alberta

Jordan Hokanson is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Hokanson Capital. He joined Hokanson Capital in 2002 and was appointed CEO in June 2009.

Today, Mr Hokanson oversees the strategic direction of the Edmonton-based, multifaceted, real estate and investment company with a keen eye for unrecognized opportunities locally and abroad. He has the unique ambition and ability to learn an industry in short order.

Mr Hokanson believes integrity is the foundation for good business. His relationship-focused strategy comes from recognizing that, through the sharing of information and the ability to look for win-win opportunities, Hokanson Capital along with its stakeholders and partners can be successful.

Hokanson Capital is a lean operation with Mr Hokanson’s involvement in all elements of the business - directing the strategy, operations, and execution – you might even catch him driving a combine at harvest. Key accomplishments of Hokanson Capital, under the guidance and leadership of Mr Hokanson, are worth noting.

  • Industry Leading Agriculture Investor: As one of Canada’s thought-leaders on farmland investing, he has built a portfolio of best-in-class farmland in Western Canada which outperforms the FCC Farmland Index. In 2012, Hokanson Capital was the largest holder of farmland in Canada with 135,000 acres. As part of their agriculture portfolio, Hokanson Capital operates two large-scale farming operations totaling 30,000 acres.
  • Commercial Property Repositioning: Hokanson Capital is the owner of the 9Triple8 Jasper office building in downtown Edmonton. Upon the exit of their previous single tenant, he was the vision driver to transition the 9Triple8 into a LEED Gold Certified, smartly-renovated building leased to a selection of Edmonton’s prime businesses.
  • Hotel and Resort: As the new owner of Coast Canmore Hotel, Hokanson Capital has introduced change at the hotel including infrastructure improvements, design, operational change, and the introduction of Table Food + Drink Restaurant.
  • Multi-Dwelling Unit Investments: With an eye for opportunity, he, along with our residential development partner, has guided Hokanson Capital into select US markets where underutilized rental assets have opportunity for repositioning to meet the in-market demand and create an anticipated ROI.

Mr Hokanson currently serves as the Chair of the Board of Trustees for the TELUS World of Sciences in Edmonton and as the Vice Chair of the Alberta Cancer Foundation and is on the Alberta School of Business Advisory Council. He is an active member of YPO and enjoys his Chef experiences as a member of the Edmonton Gentlemen’s Dinner Club.

He received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (1998) from Western Ontario University, his Petroleum Engineering Technology Diploma (2000) from NAIT, and his MBA (2006) from the University of Alberta.

By combining his education, business values, and experience in finance and business development, Jordan is able to help employees, partners, and Hokanson Capital succeed.

Jordan and his wife Tracie live in Edmonton and are the proud parents of their three lovely daughters.