Andrew Luchak

Associate Professor Human Resources Management and Industrial Relations

Alberta School of Business

Strategic Management and Organization

About Me


Research Interests

  • Strategic human resource management
  • Unions and employee voice
  • Motivation and rewards
  • Individual differences, work attitudes and behaviours
  • HRM, family business and entrepreneurship

Major Research Grants

SSHRC General Research Grant, Human Resource Architecture: The Prevalence, Design and Consequences of Different Configurations of Human Resource Practices within the Same Establishment, $57,726.

SSHRC General Research Grant, The Role and Functions of Occupational Pension Plans in Canada, $72,300.

Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) Research and Innovation Project, Regional Aspects of Employment Relations Policy in Canada, $117,000 (with Morley Gunderson).

SSHRC General Research Grant, Employer-Sponsored Pension Plans: An Empirical Analysis of Employees' Behaviour under Long-Term Employment Contracts, $41,250.

Selected Publications

Pohler, D.M., & Luchak, A.A. (In press). Are unions good or bad for organizations? The moderating role of management’s response. British Journal of Industrial Relations.

Pohler, D.M., & Luchak, A.A. (2014). Balancing efficiency, equity and voice: The impact of unions and high involvement work practices on work outcomes. Industrial & Labor Relations Review, 67, 1-32.

Jaskiewicz, P., & Luchak, A.A. (2013). Explaining performance differences between family firms with family and non-family CEOs: It’s the nature of the tie to the family that counts. Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, 37, 1361-1367.

Luchak, A.A., & Pohler, D.M. (2010). Pensions as psychological contracts: Implications for work outcomes. Industrial Relations, 49, 61-82. 

Luchak, A.A., Pohler, D.M., & Gellatly, I.R. (2008). When do committed employees retire? The effects of organizational commitment on retirement plans under a defined-benefit pension plan. Human Resource Management, 47, 581-599. 

Luchak, A.A., & Gellatly, I.R. (2007). A comparison of linear and non-linear relations between organizational commitment and work outcomes. Journal of Applied Psychology, 92, 783-793.

Gellatly, I.R., Meyer, J.P., & Luchak, A.A. (2006). Combined effects of the three commitment components on focal and discretionary behaviors: A test of Meyer and Herscovitch's propositions. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 69, 331-45.

Luchak, A.A. (2003). What kind of voice do loyal employees use? British Journal of Industrial Relations, 41, 115-134.

Luchak, A.A., & Gunderson, M. (2000). What do employees know about their pension plan? Industrial Relations, 39, 646-670.

Gellatly, I.R., & Luchak, A.A. (1998). Personal and organizational determinants of perceived absence norms. Human Relations, 51, 1085-1102.


Teaching Experience

Bachelor of Commerce

  • SMO 311: HRM: Managing the Workforce in Canada
  • SMO 416: Performance Management and Rewards

Master of Business Administration

  • SMO 500: Managing People

      Doctor of Philosophy

      • SMO 709: Seminar in Human Resource Management