David Deephouse

David Deephouse, PhD, MScM, BA

Foote Chair of International Business/Law
Professor, Strategic Management and Organization
International Research Fellow, Oxford University Centre for Corporate Reputation

Alberta School of Business

Strategic Management and Organization

About Me

Science, like all creative activity, is exploration, gambling, and adventure. It does not lend itself very well to neat blueprints, detailed road maps, and central planning. Perhaps that’s why it’s fun.

- Simon, H. A. 1964. Approaching the theory of management. In H. Koontz (Ed.), Toward a unified theory of management: 73-85. New York: McGraw-Hill.


Research Interests

My research focuses on social evaluations of organizations, especially legitimacy and reputation, and the causes and consequences of each. My theoretical interests include agenda-setting, institutional (in both organizational sociology and international business), media effects, stakeholder, strategic balance, and strategic choice theories.


Teaching Experience

  • SMO 435: Managing International Business. Undergraduate elective.
  • SMO 441: Business Strategy. Undergraduate class; capstone for some majors.
  • ORGA 501: Organization Strategy. First-year MBA class.
  • SMO/ORGA 635: Managing International Enterprises. MBA Elective.
  • SMO/ORGA 641: Business Strategy. Capstone MBA class.
  • ORGA 703: Seminar in Strategic Management. Core doctoral seminar surveying strategy research.
  • ORGA 705: Seminar in Current Issues. I redesigned this course completely to focus on the developing a research proposal and provide a holistic view of the life of a management professor.
  • SMO 686: Selected Topics (Independent Study).
  • Integrative Capstone. Management Essentials Program Module 16, Alberta School of Business Centre for Executive Education.