Gerald Häubl

Ronald K. Banister Chair in Business and Professor of Marketing

Alberta School of Business

Marketing, Business Economics, and Law


Research Interests

  • Consumer Decision Making 
  • Dynamics of Preference and Choice 
  • Hedonic Experience
  • Construction of Preference and Value 
  • Search Behavior
  • Choice Architecture
  • Decision Assistance for Consumers
  • Motivation 
  • Self-Control
  • Gamification of Consumer-Firm Interaction
  • Personalized Customer Interfaces
  • Bidding Behavior in Auctions

Selected Publications 

  • Inaction Traps in Consumer Response to Product Malfunctions (with Neil Brigden) [Journal of Marketing Research, conditionally accepted]
  • Mixing It Up: Unsystematic Product Arrangements Promote the Choice of Unfamiliar Products (with Maik Walter, Christian Hildebrand, and Andreas Herrmann) [Journal of Marketing Research, conditionally accepted]
  • Product Set Granularity and Consumer Response to Recommendations (with Dimitrios Tsekouras, Benedict Dellaert, and Bas Donkers) [2020, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, in press]
  • Bidding Frenzy: Speed of Competitor Reaction and Willingness to Pay in Auctions (with Peter Popkowski Leszczyc) [2019, Journal of Consumer Research, 45, 6, 1294-1314]
  • Enacting Rituals to Improve Self-Control (with Allen Tian, Juliana Schroeder, Jane Risen, Michael Norton, and Francesca Gino) [2018, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 114, 6, 851-876]
  • Social Product Customization Systems: Peer Input, Conformity, and Consumers' Evaluation of Customized Products (with Tobias Schlager, Christian Hildebrand, Andreas Herrmann, and Nikolaus Franke) [2018, Journal of Management Information Systems, 35, 1, 319-349]
  • Gamified Information Presentation and Consumer Adoption of Product Innovations (with Jessica Müller-Stewens, Tobias Schlager, and Andreas Herrmann) [2017, Journal of Marketing, 81, 2, 8-24]
  • Repayment Concentration and Consumer Motivation to Get Out of Debt (with Keri Kettle, Remi Trudel, and Simon Blanchard) [2016, Journal of Consumer Research, 43, 3, 460-477]
  • The Preference-Signaling Effect of Search (with Xin Ge and Neil Brigden) [2015, Journal of Consumer Psychology, 25, 2, 245-256]
  • Product Customization via Starting Solutions (with Christian Hildebrand and Andreas Herrmann) [2014, Journal of Marketing Research, 51, 6, 707-725] 
  • When Social Media Can Be Bad For You: Community Feedback Stifles Consumer Creativity and Reduces Satisfaction with Self-Designed Products (with Christian Hildebrand, Andreas Herrmann, and Jan Landwehr) [2013, Information Systems Research, 24, 1, 14-29]
  • What to Say When: Influencing Consumer Choice by Delaying the Presentation of Favorable Information (with Xin Ge and Terry Elrod) [2012, Journal of Consumer Research, 38, 6, 1004-1021]
  • Searching in Choice Mode: Consumer Decision Processes in Product Search with Recommendations (with Benedict Dellaert) [2012, Journal of Marketing Research, 49, 2, 277-288]
  • Parsimonious Structural Equation Models for Repeated Measures Data, With Application to the Study of Consumer Preferences (with Terry Elrod and Steven Tipps) [2012, Psychometrika, 77, 2, 358-387]
  • Freedom of Choice, Ease of Use, and the Formation of Interface Preferences (with Kyle Murray) [2011, MIS Quarterly, 35, 4, 955-976]
  • The Signature Effect: Signing Influences Consumption-Related Behavior by Priming Self-Identity (with Keri Kettle) [2011, Journal of Consumer Research, 38, 3, 474-489]
  • Self-Regulatory Strength and Consumers’ Relinquishment of Decision Control: When Less Effortful Decisions Are More Resource Depleting (with Murat Usta) [2011, Journal of Marketing Research, 48, 2, 403-412]
  • Optimal Reverse-Pricing Mechanisms (with Martin Spann and Robert Zeithammer) [2010, Marketing Science, 29, 6, 1058-1070]
  • To Bundle or Not to Bundle: Determinants of the Profitability of Multi-Item Auctions (with Peter Popkowski Leszczyc) [2010, Journal of Marketing, 74, 4, 110-124]
  • Tunnel Vision: Local Behavioral Influences on Consumer Decisions in Product Search (with Benedict Dellaert and Bas Donkers) [2010, Marketing Science, 29, 3, 438-455]
  • Motivation by Anticipation: Expecting Rapid Feedback Enhances Performance (with Keri Kettle) [2010, Psychological Science, 21, 4, 545-547]
  • Explaining Cognitive Lock-In: The Role of Skill-Based Habits of Use in Consumer Choice (with Kyle Murray) [2007, Journal of Consumer Research, 34, 1, 77-88]
  • Aspects of Endowment: A Query Theory of Value Construction (with Eric Johnson and Anat Keinan) [2007, Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 33, 3, 461-474]
  • Double Agents: Assessing the Role of Electronic Product-Recommendation Systems (with Kyle Murray) [2006, Sloan Management Review, 47, 3, 8-12]
  • Automatic Construction of Personalized Customer Interfaces (with Bob Price, Russ Greiner, and Alden Flatt) [2006, International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI-06), 250-256]
  • Preference Construction and Persistence in Digital Marketplaces: The Role of Electronic Recommendation Agents (with Kyle Murray) [2003, Journal of Consumer Psychology, 13, 1, 75-91]
  • Information Availability and Consumer Preference: Can Online Retailers Benefit from Providing Access to Competitor Price Information? (with Valerie Trifts) [2003, Journal of Consumer Psychology, 13, 2, 149-159]
  • A Human Capital Perspective of Skill Acquisition and Interface Loyalty (with Kyle Murray) [2003, Communications of the Association for Computing Machinery, 46, 12, 272-278]
  • Consumer Decision Making in Online Shopping Environments: The Effects of Interactive Decision Aids (with Valerie Trifts) [2000, Marketing Science, 19, 1, 4-21]


Teaching Interests

  • Experimental Methods for Behavioral Science
  • Consumer Behavior