Madeline Toubiana

Assistant Professor

Alberta School of Business

Strategic Management and Organization

About Me

Madeline Toubiana is an Assistant Professor of Strategic Management and Organization. 

Her research focuses on the role emotions, complexity and stigmatization play in processes of social change. To understand the dynamics of social change, she examines the intersection and interaction between individuals and institutional systems.

She examines these questions in a variety of contexts including the Canadian prison system, the sex trade, social entrepreneurship, social media and in other complex organizations.


Selected publications

Zietsma, C. and Toubiana, M. (forthcoming). The Constitutive, the energetic and the valuable: Exploring the impact and importance of studying emotions and institutions. Organization Studies

Toubiana, M., Greenwood, R., and Zietsma, C. (2017) Beyond ethos: Outlining an alternate trajectory for emotional competence and investment. Academy of Management Review, 42 (3), 1-5

Toubiana, M., and Zietsma, C. (2017) The message is on the wall: Emotions, social media, and the dynamics of institutional complexity. Academy Management Journal 

Toubiana, M., Oliver, C. and Bradshaw, P. (in press) Beyond differentiation and integration: The challenges of managing internal complexity in federations. Organization Studies

Toubiana, M. (2014) Business pedagogy for social justice? An exploratory investigation of business faculty perspectives of social justice in business education. Management Learning, 45 (1), 81 – 102.

Toubiana, M. and Yair, G. (2012). The salvation of meaning in Peter Drucker's oeuvre. Journal of Management History, 18(2): 178 - 199.



SMO 445/ 645

Social Entrepreneurship


Business Ethics