Dean's Message

The start of a new year and a new school term can be daunting. We leave the past behind us and begin anew with a blank slate. New classes, new roles and responsibilities, but with them, new opportunities. As we kick off 2017, I encourage all members of the Alberta School of Business community to look ahead to the New Year with hope, optimism and ambition.

In the past year, the School of Business celebrated its centennial, commemorating 100 years of excellence, relevance and impact. But the end of the year does not mean the end of our celebration. Instead, I hope that we are empowered by all that we’ve accomplished in those last 12 months. We should reflect on everything we’ve learned and shared and push ahead into the future, determined to be the difference-makers that make the Alberta School of Business a world-renowned institution.

The students, instructors, alumni, staff, and supporters that make up the Alberta School of Business family are a diverse group, each with their own dreams, but sharing the goal of forming a vibrant community. Every member of the School brings unique talents and ideas that together form the foundation of our identity. The path we forge through next 100 years will be built on this bedrock of innovation, fortified by dynamic and sustainable groundwork. The bridges we construct to connect us to our communities will be supported by our four priority pillars: Entrepreneurship, Energy & the Environment, International Business and Leadership. As we expand our footprint across the globe, the Alberta School of Business will continue to grow as over 27,000 alumni make their mark on the map all over the world.

Whether you’re a student entering a new semester at the School of Business, an alumnus who remains committed to engaging your peers through your alma mater, or one of our countless partners who help the School to grow and flourish, I know that this year will be a prosperous one for you, as it will be for all of us. Let commit to working together in the year ahead, empowering one another to keep the Alberta School of Business at the forefront of leadership, and in turn, making our communities into strong, vibrant and innovative spaces.