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Anti-China sentiment in US at ‘historic high’, Pew Research survey finds, amid friction over trade, coronavirus and human rights (South China Morning Post)

The story mentions a study involving Runjing Lu, showing that wherever COVID-19 has spread in the U.S., it has been closely followed by racist...

OPINION | The fiasco that is Alberta's energy 'war room' (CBC News)

In an op-ed, Andrew Leach discusses the Canadian Energy Centre.

Obesity rates likely to rise during COVID-19 pandemic, study suggests (folio)

New consumer psychology research shows people under financial stress want to eat more of everything.

Jack Knox: Coronavirus or not, we are trending tubbier (Times Colonist)

Jim Swaffield, a consumer psychology researcher, warns the current crisis could drive up obesity rates, particularly among those who have lost...

COVID-19, low oil prices leads to dramatic drop in demand for power in Alberta (Global News)

Measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, combined with a slowdown in Alberta’s oil patch, led to a dramatic drop in demand for electricity in...

Success begets success in crowdfunding—but so does falling just short, study shows (folio)

If entrepreneurs can’t follow in the footsteps of blockbuster ideas, they should aim to come in behind campaigns that nearly reached their goals,...