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Focusing on all things business, the CPI podcast features the latest research and expert comment from University of Alberta School of Business faculty and staff.

Geddes Lecture on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

October 4, 2019   62 minute listen

Ep 6: Using AI in your business

CPI podcast - The value of rumours in tech innovation

July 4, 2019   25 minute listen

Ep 5: The value of rumours in tech innovation

Cannabis & the retail market

April 18, 2019   38 minute listen

Ep 3: Cannabis & the retail market

CPI - Women

March 27, 2019   13 minute listen

Ep 2: Why do women's professional sports leagues fail?

Love & Retail: Valentine’s Day Trends

February 12, 2019   11 minute listen

Ep 1: Love & retail — Valentine’s Day trends

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