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Hacking Willpower

Their heart rates will increase as they try to resist eating the chocolate. Their pupils will dilate. They’ll have a physiological response that’s consistent with their goals to try and make themselves stronger.”

Leading the Way to a New Climate Change Plan

What is the university’s responsibility to public policy? What does it mean for the world’s oil sands capital to set an example for environmentalism? On the heels of releasing the province’s Climate Leadership Plan, Andrew Leach— professor and chair of Alberta’s Climate Change Advisory Panel—candidly discusses his role on the panel, lessons learned, research and community responsibilities, and global impact.

Landing a Dream Job in McMarketing

University students don’t wish for fast-food jobs, but what about fast-food marketing? One student intern didn’t just jump at the chance to work at the Golden Arches—he beat out hundreds of national students competing for a chance to work in McDonald’s Toronto offices.

Commercializing Pokémon Go

The most popular mobile game of all time has been hailed by players as an incentive to meet new people, by health professionals as a means of physical exercise and by urban planners as a great way to animate public spaces. But talk to brick and mortar businesses and they are seeing dollar signs. Find out how this GPS-enhanced, augmented reality app is helping.

Follow-Up Action

How do you stay on the cutting edge of business trends in Alberta and around the world? Join the conversation by following these alumni influencers on Twitter.

If you’re a retailer, you’re probably already familiar with Murray’s work, whether your realize it or not. The Director of the School of Retailing and recipient of the 2016 Killam Professorship for his research in consumer decision-making, Murray is revolutionizing how market researchers understand customer motivation. Follow him for insight on the latest retail trends.

Ashton Paulitsch is a homegrown alumna with a major in marketing and a passion for all things UAlberta, in Edmonton and beyond. Pulling double duty as the voice behind the @UAlbertaMBA account, the Business Alumni Association Chair is tapped into what’s hot in entrepreneurial and cultural scenes in Alberta and around the globe.

No stranger to the spotlight, the young financial whiz has shared her aptitude for investing since high school. The best-selling author counts Oprah among the many talk shows on which she’s chimed in on personal wealth. Savvy investors would do well to follow her for daily advice on money management and keeping ahead in the game of life.

Living at the epicentre of the start-up world, Silicon Valley, Karia was named one of the 50 most influential women in the UK’s IT scene by Computer Weekly. Take a look at her feed: it’s clear her passion for entrepreneurship is what put her at the top of her industry.