Business Career Services

Engage With Our Students

The first and foremost way to engage with our students is to hire them for a part-time, full-time, summer, or Co-op position. That said, other engagement activities are just as meaningful and can help create:

Brand Awareness - Engaging with students early helps create awareness of your company when it comes time for students to apply for jobs.

Company Buzz - Being engaged on campus is proven to create excitement around your company. When engagement is done right, you company becomes the first choice for students.

Education on Your Recruitment Process - inform students early on what your company requires and values. By the time students are ready to graduate they will have acquired the necessary skills to excel at your organization.

Network with Potential Hires - keep track of the best and brightest. Be there as students progress allowing you to find the right talent at the right time.


Engagement Opportunities

A successful campus recruitment strategy is far more than a single presence at the campus recruitment events. You should engage with students multiple times a year if you hope to be top of mind during job searches.The following are ways in which your organization can successfully engage with students and expand your campus presence.

  • Host an Information Session

    Hosting an information session allows you to reach a maximum number of students to promote your organization.Such events are useful in increasing your organization’s visibility on campus. These sessions allow recruiters and potential candidates to meet and exchange information in a more relaxed setting than an interview. For more information please contact

    We recommend booking with at least three weeks notice in order to properly coordinate and promote your event.

    Tips for a Successful Information Session

  • Be a Mentor

    The Alberta School of Business Mentorship Cafe was created to provide Business Students, Alumni and Employer Partners with the opportunity to collaborate, network and engage in professional development in highly-flexible environment. Mentorship connections can range from informal and distance to formal and ongoing.

    A meaningful mentorship connection can be anything from a single discussion that resulted in valuable information sharing to a consistent and ongoing dialogue related to multiple aspects of professional development. Success is not defined by the number or frequency of connections made, but by the quality of interaction and the benefit derived from the connection.

    Mentorship opportunities are available with current students through the Alberta School of Business Mentorship Cafe. Join now to connect with potential mentees, access support and assistance with developing a meaningful mentorship relationship. For more information please contact

  • Participate in Cooperative Education

    Co-op can help you meet your short term employment needs by giving you access to the best and brightest our faculty has to offer. It also has long term value as well. Co-op students gain understanding of what the job and your organization has to offer and a sense of your culture. They then carry this knowledge back to campus which in turn increases your on-campus presence and positive word of mouth.

    Build strong on-campus presence and increase the appeal of working for your organizations through participation in co-op! For more information please contact

    Co-op Program Overview

  • Attend a Career Fair

    Exhibiting at Career Fairs provides a platform to actively recruit top level talent. It creates brand awareness on campus and allows students to learn more about your organization and recruitment process. There are several Career Fairs throughout the year, for more information please contact or 780-492-2166.

  • Participate in a Mock Interview

    Participating in mock interviews increases your presence on campus and provides you with a “sneak peek” at potential candidates. Students undergo a virtual interview that will be sent to you for critique. Virtual mock interviews allow you to review and provide valuable feedback to students anywhere in the world.

    For more information please contact 

  • Engage with Student Clubs

    Our students are active in over 20 undergraduate business clubs, renowned for a strong commitment to linking students to the business community. Student organizations with broad and varied membership coordinate a number of events and activities throughout the year for which corporate sponsorship, guest speakers, exhibitors, and other involvement is sought. As well, the Business Student's Association hosts numerous events in the Fall and Winter terms which enable your organization to connect with all Business students.

    For a full a full list of clubs please visit Student Clubs. Contact the clubs directly for more information on how you can become involved.

  • Donate

    Organizations have also distinguished themselves through generously donating to the Alberta School of Business in the form of scholarship, bursaries and awards. Contact the Alberta School of Business, Office of External Relations at 780-492-2348, for more information.

  • Other Ideas

    We are always open to new and innovative engagement opportunities. From company tours, to speed networking, to industry nights, we are here to support any opportunity for students and employers to engage meaningfully. Please reach out to if you want to explore news ways to engage with students.