Connect With Students & Alumni

Hire from one of Canada’s top five business schools and engage with students and alumni through job postings, information sessions, and mentorship programs. Whether your recruitment needs are short or long-term, access our diverse talent pool for leaders in all business sectors and industries.

Cooperative Education

Co-op students are completing their 3rd and 4th year of the Bachelor of Commerce program and are pre-screened for four or eight-month work terms throughout the year. Test drive potential future employees by hiring Co-op students.

Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of Commerce students focus their studies on one of 16 majors. These motivated students and alumni bring strong technical skills, fresh perspectives, in-depth knowledge, and an eagerness to learn.

Masters Programs

UAlberta Masters Programs attract students with diverse industry, educational, and professional backgrounds from around the world. Drive your organization forward by hosting a student internship, hiring new graduates, and connecting with senior alumni.