Hire Our Students

Careers and Work Integrated Learning can help you connect meaningfully with Alberta School of Business students, alumni, faculty and staff.

Employers can use our services to post opportunities and connect with over 2,500 Business Undergrads, 250 MBA's plus experienced Business alumni.

  • Current BCom and MBA Business Students - Full-time permanent, part-time, or summer positions.
  • Cooperative Education Students - Project based throughout the year with 4 or 8 month work terms.
  • MBA Interns - emerging talent pool to help with Summer projects.

We also welcome employers looking to provide experience through volunteer opportunities.

CareerConnect is our portal to provide service to all our stakeholders; students, alumni and employers, including:

  • Post and manage your job opportunities for BCom, BCom Co-op and MBA students and alumni
  • Access, review and manage application materials of interested candidates
  • Schedule and manage interviews
  • Access employer resources

There is no charge for posting an opportunity with our office! As long as the opportunity is suitable for business students and graduates, your organization is welcome to post with our office.

For more information on any of these alternatives, please contact Careers and Work Integrated Learning at 780-492-2166 or hirebusiness@ualberta.ca.

NOTE: For Third Party Recruiters, please review our Posting Policy below.

Who Are Our Students

Our Business undergraduates, graduates and alumni have access to career development and recruitment activities as well as the online job postings. Our students work with Careers and Work Integrated Learning to develop the skills necessary to achieve their career goals and to gain assistance in acquiring full time, part time, co-op, contract or summer employment and volunteer opportunities. Once our students have concluded their studies, they are encouraged to access the job listings up to two years after completion of their degree.

Our students can complete one of our 11 different majors. We have majors which focus on traditional fields such as Accounting, Marketing, Finance, and Human Resources as well as some of the unique and non-traditional majors such as Business Economics & Law, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, and Business Technology Management. Please visit the Alberta School of Business Majors for a comprehensive list.

For enrolment and convocation statistics, please access the U of A Student Databook

Recruit Current BCom Students

Our Bachelor of Commerce students study 1 of 11 different business majors and are consistently ranked in the top 3 business schools in the country.

With over 2,000 current business students and tens of thousands of alumni, Alberta School of Business students are an excellent addition to any organization at any level. See "Who Are Our Students" for more insight into what our students can offer.

Contact our office at hirebusiness@ualberta.ca or visit CareerConnect to start posting.

Recruit Current MBA Students

After graduation, UAlberta MBA graduates have gone on to establish distinguished careers in every sector of business in Canada and across the world. Our graduates share a strong knowledge base readily applied in the business world, a strong network of fellow alumni, and the Alberta MBA degree. Alberta MBA graduates will help you move your business forward.

There are many ways to connect with UAlberta MBA students. Whether you are looking to hire a recent graduate, get help with a business challenge with a summer intern, or connect with students as they complete the program, the MBA Career Management team is here to help.

Contact our office at hirebusiness@ualberta.ca or visit CareerConnect to start posting.

Recruit MBA Summer Interns

The UAlberta MBA Internship Program allows you to drive your business forward this summer by bringing on an MBA student intern. By hiring an MBA intern, you gain not only a business solution but the opportunity to build your employer brand with an emerging talent pool and support the development of Alberta's future business leaders.

At a quick glance, MBA internships:

  • Take place from May through August each year
  • Usually 3-4 months in length
  • Typically requires students to address a business challenge and present

Contact our office at hirebusiness@ualberta.ca for more information on the MBA Internship Program.

Recruit Co-op Students

There are many reasons to hire a co-op student. Not only can you cover project work, employee absences/vacations, or try out a future full-time employee our students are:

  • Eager - proving their worth and trying to secure a full-time position makes our students eager to go above and beyond.
  • Well Trained - with a program average of 3.4 GPA, our students are in the top of their class.
  • Energetic - learning the latest industry trends, our students bring a fresh perspective and are enthusiastic about helping elevate companies.
  • Willing to Learn - attending a top university creates a desire to learn in all aspects of life.
To learn more, please review the Co-operative Education Program Overview and Co-op Employer Info Document.

Contact our office at hirebusiness@ualberta.ca or visit CareerConnect to start posting.
Recruit New BCom and MBA Grads

With over 700 BCom graduates each year, the Alberta School of Business will have the right person to fill your need. Graduates complete 1 of 11 different business majors and are career ready to join your team.

Annually over 150 MBA graduates leave the program with a diversity of skills and abilities that will help make a difference within your organization.

Contact our office at hirebusiness@ualberta.ca or mbatalent@ualberta.ca or visit CareerConnect to start posting free of charge today!

Recruit Alumni

Employers seeking more experienced hires are welcome to post with Careers and Work Integrated Learning to connect with our Business graduates.

Note that Alumni are encouraged to access the job postings and our extensive online career development resources up to five years after completion of their degree.

Contact our office at hirebusiness@ualberta.ca or visit CareerConnect to start posting.

How to Post Job Descriptions
In order to post your job description, prepare the following information:

  • Complete name and address of the organization
  • Name and title of the contact person
  • Job title
  • Job location
  • A description of the position, types of duties, projects, and responsibilities
  • A list of particular skills required or desirable
  • Number of positions available
  • Type of position (e.g., full-time, part-time, summer, co-op)
  • If co-op, length of position (4 or 8 months)
  • Deadline for applications
  • Requested materials (e.g., cover letter, resume, transcripts)
  • Application instructions (e.g., apply through email, online via website, or through CareerConnect)
Tips for Success
  • Post early - The sooner you post, the larger the talent pool available for you to consider. We recommend a posting time frame of no less than two weeks to allow students to respond.
  • Be realistic and thorough in your position description - Vague or embellished postings will not attract the talent you are looking for. Be specific as to duties and qualifications.
Experiential Learning and Your Recruitment
The Experiential Learning Record (ELR) is an official university document that outlines all of the activities a student was a part of on campus.

The ELR helps students identify their transferable skills, which in turn allows students to better articulate their strengths when applying for jobs.

Students participating in the ELR will be more labour market-ready upon graduation. 

Find out how the ELR can support your recruitment success by reviewing ELR For Employers.
Third Party Recruiter Policy

Effective May 1, 2012, Careers and Work Integrated Learning will no longer be posting opportunities for Third Party Recruiters. Third Party Recruiters are defined as; agencies, organizations or individuals recruiting candidates for employment opportunities with other organizations. Third Party Recruiters are invited to contact the University of Alberta Career Centre to list opportunities.

Note that opportunities for employment within Third Party Recruitment organizations will still be posted.

For more information or to answer any questions on this policy, please contact our office at hirebusiness@ualberta.ca.