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Will revitalizing Edmonton’s downtown core make a difference?

Another major retailer has made the decision to move out of Edmonton’s downtown area. This was revealed the same time the province announced funding to go towards revitalizing the core. Heather Thomson with the University of Alberta joined us on Global News Morning to talk about if these efforts will make a difference.

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Social media, online stores make side hustles a more attractive way to make money

Social media has entirely cut out the need to go visit a mall or store, said Heather Thomson, executive director of the centre for cities and communities.

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Why being Instagrammable is becoming the cost of doing business to get ahead

"We have this global market at our fingertips, literally. And so as consumers, we are just going to be spoiled by all this choice." - Heather Thomson

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Zellers is Back! Will It Survive This Time?

17:44 | Iconic retailer Zellers is coming back...but will Canadians support it? Will the return to brick and mortar work for the formerly-popular discount retailer? Consumer behaviour expert Heather Thomson tells us why Zellers closed years ago, and what to watch for when it opens its doors again.

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Free program helps Edmonton-area small businesses succeed in the digital economy

Retail expert leads student team providing technical know-how for retailers looking to reach customers online.

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Hoarding a 'knee-jerk' reaction amid shortages: expert

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Helping local businesses go digital opens opportunities for U of A business students

Students gain job skills while providing free support to hundreds of business owners looking to gain a foothold in the online marketplace.

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U of A students tapped to help local small businesses go digital

A group of University of Alberta business students have been tapped to help small businesses in Edmonton boost their online presence in an effort to keep up with a rapidly shifting economic landscape exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Opinion: COVID-19 hastens retail revolution for consumers

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