Our Roots


Two schools of thought into one.

We must create more vibrant, healthy, sustainable, livable, inclusive cities and communities — places —each with a strong economic base. Traditional views are in the past.

It’s time to rethink our traditional view of real estate. Through the real estate program, we discovered a need and an opportunity to raise the bar for a more progressive real estate education in our country. This program is all about preparing the future industry and the students who will lead it forward. With unprecedented advanced education in real estate, students have opportunities beyond a regular business education. They grow to be leaders.

Through our research, teaching and programs we will connect academia, industry, government and NGOs. We want to encourage different types of conversations and always look at things from a broader perspective reflecting different areas of expertise in the city building space.
Through the School of Retailing, we inspired and motivated students to choose a career in retailing.

We connected students with stakeholders and employers, and we connected faculty with opportunities to research new ideas and new possibilities. These connection points made a profound difference to the industry. It is no surprise that retailing has changed forever, and it is our focus to lead the change, to be visionaries and collaborators.

Real estate and retailing. Two areas working separately, now together, and we are just getting started.