Student experience

Enhancing education outside the classroom 

Through our programs and partnerships, we educate students to be skilled, prepared, and capable or working anywhere in the world, while at the same time elevating our nearby cities and communities to be places graduates will want to stay and work in. The merging of best-in-class courses with hands-on experience gives students the opportunity to thrive. Real-world problems and cases enable us to translate cross-disciplinary academic knowledge into practical decision-making.

How to Get Involved


University of Alberta Real Estate Club


We hold a high volume of events that have consistently sold out. These events are known for their exceptionally high corporate-to-student ratio, meaning more networking opportunities for the students. These events can range from industry networking events to career panels of professionals from various sectors of the industry. Most students who join find opportunities to work in the industry after graduation.

University of Alberta Real Estate Club


Student Consulting Group


The School of Business Consulting Group prides itself in matching the students to solve real-world business problems with a fresh perspective and a keen eye on profitability. Recently, the students have been tasked with facilitating the Digital Economy Program.

To date, the School of Business Consulting Group has:

  • worked with 1,500 businesses to become more profitable. 
  • served our business community with over 10,000 hours of service.

The centre is building up the leaders of tomorrow, helping them develop their interpersonal skills and their creative solutions abilities. CCC is a successful example of what a business school looks like.

School of Business Consulting Group

Career Development



We work closely with industry experts and our career service team to set our students up for success in career placement.

Some of these opportunities include:

  • Cooperative opportunities and internships
  • Case competitions (we win!)
  • Conferences (Innovating Commerce and ServiceCommunities conference)
  • Mentorship with the centre’s team of experts

These opportunities make the student's academic experience one of a kind and applicable to their choice of career.

Cooperative Education Program