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2017 EFMD Case Writing Award in the Urban Transition Challenges Category

A case study, "Edmonton City Centre Airport: A Sustainability Challenge for a Growing City", won the 2017 EFMD Case Writing Award in the Urban Transition Challenges category. This case study and companion teaching note, published by Ivey Publishing in 2017, were co-authored by five of Joel Gehman's former MBA students: Neetu Sharma, Kristel Owens, Graham Graff, Trent Nabe, and Poonam Randhawa.

The Net Impact February 18 Career Trek

Net Impact members trekked to different sites to hear about sustainability careers during the Sustainability Career Crawl.

Net Impact Career Crawl

Academy of Management: The Organizations and the Natural Environment (ONE) Division 2017 Awards

The Organization and Natural Environment (ONE) Division recognized several individuals associated with the Canadian Centre for CSR including

  • Joel Gehman for the ONE Emerging Scholar Award
  • Tyler Wry and Eric Zhao for the ONE-NBS Impact on Practice Award (former SMORG students as co-authors on the Best Paper Award)
  • P. Devereaux Jennings for the ONE Outstanding Service Award (as Division Chair)

The Glass Cliff... Women, Leadership, Life and Flow (September 27, 2017)

After breaking through the proverbial glass ceiling, many women leaders suddenly find themselves in a precarious position, facing challenges not faced by their male counterparts. This phenomenon is known as the glass cliff. And while it is an expression generally used in relation to the workplace, the glass cliff can also be very real for women outside of their careers – in their day-to-day lives.

Join us for an evening of insightful and compelling conversation with Kirstine Stewart, author of Our Turn and CSO of Diply. Kirstine has also served as VP media for Twitter Canada and as head of English CBC-Canada.

Also joining the conversation with Kirstine is a panel of distinguished leaders, led by moderator Lesley MacDonald, founder/producer of Global News Woman of Vision:

  • The Rt. Hon. Kim Campbell – former Prime Minister and Founding Principal of Peter Lougheed Leadership College
  • Eveline Charles – President and CEO, EvelineCharles Salons and Spas
  • Dr. Shawna Pandya – physician, scientist, entrepreneur and citizen astronaut

Cities and Climate Change Science Conference (March 5-7, 2018)

On March 5-7, 2018, Edmonton hosted the Cities and Climate Change Science Conference: “Fostering new scientific knowledge for cities based on science, practice and policy.”

This conference, whose many partners/organizers include UN Environment, UN Habitat, C40, Future Earth, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, World Climate Research Programme, and many others, aimed to inspire the next frontier of research focused on the science of cities and climate change. Its primary goal is to assess the state of academic and practice-based knowledge related to cities and climate change, as well as to establish a global research agenda based on the joint identification of key gaps by the academic, practitioner, and urban policy-making communities. Such aims are designed to improve scientific knowledge and to stimulate research underpinning effective and efficient urban responses to climate change, as well as to provide inputs to the products of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Conference Themes

  1. Cities & climate change (Imperatives for action)

  2. Urban emissions, impacts and vulnerabilities (Science and practice of cities)

  3. Solutions for the transition to low carbon and climate resilient cities (Science and practice for cities)

  4. Enabling transformative climate action in cities (advancing science and advancing cities)

Other Recent Events

UAlberta Clean Technology Projects Gain Federal Support
Cars that communicate with each other, better energy storage and better bioproducts among research projects receiving $3.3 million from Western Economic Diversification Canada...

2017 Global B Corp Academic Community Roundtable
The Second Annual Global B Corporation Academic Community Roundtable will be hosted this year in Toronto, Canada, in parallel with the annual B Corp Champions Retreat; this year's theme is "The Role of the Academic Community in Scaling the B Corp Movement" and is open to university faculty and students as well as other researchers conducting research on Certified B Corporations and/or Benefit Corporations, particularly regarding impact assessment methodologies.

Net Impact
Congratulations to the U of A Net Impact (NI) Chapter, which has officially achieved Gold Status again this year for their inspiring work! Their chapter is dedicated to using business as a force for environmental and social impact, empowering a new generation through various events, workshops, and campaigns.

Outreach Program in Ethiopia
The University of Alberta's new Frontiers of Business Initiative elective offers MBA students an intense experience in business leadership, invaluable work experience in an increasingly global market, and business case development. Brought to the Alberta School of Business by Emily Block, this program has had nine students travel to Ethiopia to develop a business plan for its very first state-of-the-art cancer research clinic.

Women as Employees, Entrepreneurs & Leaders (WEEL) Workshop
This CCCSR-ATB Social Sustainability Workshop, held on April 28th, showcased quality research on women in business done by recognized CCCSR members, developed stronger ties among researchers and practioners in the domain of women and work, and generated new initiatives in the area.

Women Leaders Key Communicators Luncheon
Back by popular demand, this luncheon held on May 12th offered ticketgoers to chat and have lunch with some of Edmonton's most influential women.