Canadian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility


On Wednesday, Nov. 25, from 5:00-7:30 p.m., the Canadian Centre for CSR will hold its first sustainability workshop, sponsored by ATB. The goals of the workshop are to showcase research and practice pursued by CCCSR members, to stimulate exchange with community members around key problem areas, and to generate new joint initiatives.

At the heart of the workshop are topic tables where key issue areas will be discussed. These are the issue areas:
  • Environmental Risk
  • Clean Tech
  • Green Branding & Reputation
  • Governance & Sustainability
  • Reporting
  • Poverty
  • Gender
  • Net Impact
Each table will last 45 minutes and will be staffed by two co-leads. They will launch the table discussion with a brief presentation on one or two current projects in the issue area. The co-leads will then suggest key questions or problems on which participants will be asked to reflect and share their experiences. The group will then move to methods of analyzing and evaluating the issues and problems. The session will end with possible next steps, including potential initiatives, for those involved.

We look forward to seeing you on November 25th.

The Organizing Committee
Dev Jennings, Sandra Huculak, Joel Gehman

For more information on the conference coming soon