Energy & the Environment

Energy and the Environment

Our world faces significant challenges in meeting its energy needs and the resulting demands on the energy and environmental sectors are complex and multi-disciplinary. Leaders in these sectors need to leverage ways in which they can add value, while operating within an intricate and interwoven landscape of competing opportunities and challenges. Informed policy and strategic decision making, as well as a bright and talented workforce, is crucial for sustainable growth.

It is for this reason that Energy and the Environment is a central focus at the Alberta School of Business. Building on the Province of Alberta's economic and geographic strengths, the resource base of Alberta, Canada and North America, and its strong legacy of teaching and academic excellence, the Alberta School of Business is a committed education leader in Energy and the Environment. It is reflected in the School’s commitment to teaching and research excellence, the focused relevance of its programs, and in the impact of its graduates in the community.

When students enter the Alberta School of Business, many concentrate their studies in areas of importance to the energy sector. Students in the BCom or MBA program can pursue a major or specialization in Natural Resources, Energy and the Environment (NREE). Energy focused Executive Education programming is offered to industry leaders throughout Alberta and internationally. The School’s Centre for Energy Research (CABREE) serves as focal point for knowledge creation and engagement.

Alberta School of Business graduates can be found in the energy industry, locally, nationally, and internationally, within the private and public sector. They work in managerial, consulting, and analytical roles for companies like EPCOR, Enbridge, Suncor, Syncrude, Enmax, Talisman, and Highmark, or in the public sector with organizations such as the National Energy Board, the Department of Energy, or the Department of the Environment.