Energy and the Environment at the School of Business


 The Evolution of Alberta's Energy Markets 



Global energy markets are constantly evolving, driven by changes in demand patterns or innovations in technology resulting in new sources of supply or generation. Alberta’s abundance and dependence on natural resources has meant that its markets have had to evolve to keep pace with global shifts. Whether it is the weaker commodity prices forcing producers to lower costs to compete, or climate policy pushing for the adoption of renewable generation, there are numerous changes occurring across Alberta. These changes bring opportunities, but also challenges and uncertainty.

Our conference will address topical issues surrounding Alberta’s energy market:

Oil & Gas

  • Can oil sands be competitive in a low-price world?
  • Do light tight oil and liquids rich natural gas plays compete or complement the existing energy market?
  • Where is global demand for fossil fuels headed, and what does that mean for Alberta?


  • What does the future hold for distribution companies as renewables, storage, electric vehicles and automation become more prevalent?
  • What can we expect from the Alberta renewables auctions and from the move to capacity markets?
  • Is our transmission infrastructure prepared to meet 21st century threats and challenges?