2018 Energy Symposium

The Future of Alberta's Electricity System


Over the next decade, Alberta will add a significant amount of renewable capacity and it is likely that electricity storage will begin to play a greater role. Yet, so many questions remain:

  • How will Alberta procure renewables beyond the already announced Renewable Energy Program (REP) 3?
  • What will offer control look like after the remaining power purchase arrangements (PPAs) expire and what, if any, new measures are needed to mitigate market power?
  • What happens in a world of smaller, smarter grids?
  • Will electrification help us to meet our climate goals?


CABREE, the energy and environment research centre at the Alberta School of Business, will be hosting our 3rd annual electricity symposium on October 4, 2018 at the Matrix Hotel in Edmonton. Building on our success from 2016 and 2017, this year's Future of Alberta’s Electricity System Symposium will again host an informative day featuring speakers from inside and outside Alberta with a view on advancing the conversation around what the next decade holds for Alberta's power sector.