Family Enterprise Advisory Program and Details

Family Enterprise Advisor Designation

Connect with more families, connect with more business

Whether you are an accountant, lawyer, banker, financial advisor or a trusted family insider, the FEA Program augments your formidable technical skills with strategies and tools to incorporate social and human considerations into your role as a trusted advisor. This program uses a multi-disciplinary approach where advisors learn to integrate their own discipline with those of other professionals in order to provide collaborative and complementary advice to business family clients. This approach has the added benefit of allowing advisors to build their professional networks to both maintain current clients and attract new ones.

In completing this unique program, an advisor not only grows their interpersonal intelligence and creates a substantial competitive advantage for themselves, they also become eligible to apply for the FEA designation through the Institute of Family Enterprise Advisor.

Courses are now scheduled for Toronto, Vancouver.

Stay tuned -Calgary dates will be announced starting 2021.

For questions regarding the FEA Program, please e-mail Renee Nelson or Russel Baskin or phone: 1-866-849-0099

2019/20 Program Details