Intrapreneurship, successfully shortening the time from idea to market
This is a blended learning opportunity.
Pre-work will include going through the Intrapreneurship online course - approx. 1.5 hours online and will be followed by an interactive workshop on:

October 28, 2020
10:00am-12:00pm MT

Cost: $50/person and $25 for each registration after that.

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The Alberta Business Family Institute, Family Enterprise Foundation and Spyder Works are proud to present this interactive online workshop on Intrapreneurship. How to prepare the next generation
to take over? It is a timeless question among entrepreneurial families. The real question is how best to close the gap between the core business and what next gens envision for their future.

Never Be Satisfied

With the pace of technological change growing ever faster, Spyder Works CEO Ken Tencer says that there has never been a more important time for businesses of all sizes to generate ideas and continuously explore opportunities for growth.

As he shares with audiences internationally, Ken believes that the practice of generating and implementing new ideas from within a business – known as “intrapreneurship” – is frequently underappreciated by those in corporate management. Despite the impressive results this approach has yielded over the years for multinational firms, the same principles apply to businesses of all sizes, both family and non-family alike. Intrapreneurship not only serves as an innovation catalyst in its own right, but it creates a culture of innovation by helping to attract, engage and retain top talent – heralded by Ken as a driving force behind repeatable and sustainable innovation.


To achieve this, the workshop will highlight:

  1. Identifying and commercializing your best growth opportunities
  2. Retaining and developing dynamic future leaders
  3. Attracting top talent by developing an inclusive culture of innovation

 According to Ken – as many of the world’s successful and enduring organizations have discovered – some of the most promising new ideas for growth come from within, from those in constant touch with customers and their changing needs. 

Note: Directions on how to setup and connect to the online workshop will be emailed approximately one week before the event.