Coaching and Mentoring

Empowerment through Coaching and Mentoring

Despite the fact that the terms coaching and mentoring are often used interchangeably, they are different processes. Executive coaching attempts to develop professional skills through instruction, while business mentoring facilitates learning and leadership development through guidance and advice.

Though they differ in definition, both coaching and mentoring create an environment for growth. In a family business, effective coaching and mentoring can play an essential role in shaping motivated, confident successors and ultimately assist in the perpetuation of a successful family enterprise.

Employee Mentor Programs - Develop Top Talent

Leadership development is a process; one that can be facilitated through measured risk taking, overcoming obstacles?even by making mistakes. Strong employee mentor programs for junior executives are proven to enhance skills, knowledge and a sincere commitment to a family business.

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Large Corporation or Small Business Mentoring - Big Impact

Whether yours is a large corporation or a small business, mentoring and coaching can offer powerful rewards. We would be happy to discuss all the ways the Alberta Business Family Institute can provide assistance in this area.

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