Facilitation Skills

Maximize Results with Strong Facilitation Skills

Group dynamics can produce powerful results! But it takes an accomplished leader to negotiate the process?someone who can create excitement for the task, stimulate creativity, involve all participants, build consensus, elicit teamwork and resolve conflict.

Family business members often turn to trusted advisors for their management / facilitation skills. Whether in a time of crisis or for proactive planning, this confidante can lead participants through constructive exercises and discussions to successful results.

ABFI can Help You Master Your Management Facilitation Skills

In order to affect change, a mediator must possess the following traits: adaptability, self-confidence, approachability, patience, persistence, leadership, respectability and intuition, among others.

Are you a trusted advisor who has been called upon in a facilitative role? If you possess the aforementioned characteristics, but would like assistance in refining your group facilitation skills, the Alberta Business Family Institute can help.

Learn Valuable Group Facilitation Skills and Techniques from Experts

In addition to expanding your knowledge on a wide range of topics relevant to business families, ABFI can provide training that will enhance your group facilitation skills.

Learn more about our Family Enterprise Advisor Designation and our other programs and services, where you can increase your value to your business family clients. Want a few tips to get you started? Visit facilitation techniques.