Female Successors In Family Business

Discover Your Role: Female Successors in Family Business


Support female successors to become strong leaders and managers while growing their companies to new levels.

Everyday, women are playing an increasingly active, collaborative, visible role in business - women are not simply nurturers, but are; financiers, planners, innovators, leaders, presidents and CEO's.

Transition of the family business involves the transfer of both leadership and ownership. Most businesses tend to focus on tax and legal transition and overlook the non-technical issues such as business values and culture, conflict resolution, and healthy emotions in a business context. However, the ability to manage the "family component" in transferring the business to the next generation is critical to its success. Common family issues include "Dad/Mom won't let go" or "I don't work hard enough in their opinion".

Your leadership is critical during the transition from owner to successor because it is a time of great fragility, uncertainty, and emotional turmoil for the company and its employees. The Alberta Business Family Institute helps support female successors become strong leaders and managers while helping them to grow their companies to the next level.

In this session, you will:

  • Explore the dynamics of "Passing the Torch" using a 12 step succession process
  • Hear the stories and personal experiences of female successors
  • Learn simple tools to get you started on strategic planning to reshape the company
  • Meet like-minded women who are in family business
  • Gain access to resources to help you through the transition and to build your confidence and find your voice to have business conversations with your parent

You should attend if:

  • You are being groomed to take over the family business
  • You have recently become the CEO or President
  • You attend Family Council business meetings
  • You are passing the business to your daughter

If you have any questions about this event, please contact abfi@ualberta.ca