Group Facilitation

Effective Group Facilitation can Help You Reach Your Family Business Goals

Is your family business looking to institute change, create policy, brainstorm new product ideas or develop strategic plans for the future? Whatever your goals, effective group facilitation can provide a safe, focused environment for discussion. With expert guidance, you can you achieve increased productivity, motivation and commitment.

Group Facilitation Skills = Management Skills

In order to be an effective group facilitator, an individual must call on refined communication, planning, leadership, training, problem-solving and consulting skills. Read more about each of these important groups: facilitation skills and techniques. Do you or the candidate you are considering for mediation have what it takes?

  • Strong management skills - the ability to keep the group on task and on topic. Have prompt meaningful discussions, encourage healthy debates, support and involve everyone in the process.
  • Arbitration/referee - ensure orderly conduct of all participants. Maintain a positive environment, problem solve, work within the parameters of the meeting (in terms of agenda, time, etc.).
  • The ability to remain neutral - allow participants to come to conclusions without direct influence. Ensure clear messages are spoken and understood.

Group Facilitation Techniques and Tips

An effective facilitator does not control the outcome of family discussions, but rather encourages the group to reach their own conclusions. At the Alberta Business Family Institute, our mandate mirrors the process of group facilitation. We aim to provide direction, guidance and tools that support and empower business families.

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