Job Rotation

Definition of Job Rotation and How it Applies to Family Business

Job Rotation is a process whereby an employee is moved through various assignments or positions in order to gain a better understanding of all workings of an organization. In a non-family business setting, this exercise serves to enhance skill sets, increase job satisfaction and motivation while reducing boredom or complacency.

In a family-owned enterprise, job rotation is a very effective means of grooming future successors. Exposure to various departments and roles allows an individual to broaden his or her perspective and knowledge of the company.

Job Rotation can Assist in the Development of a Senior Executive

More and more family business owners are incorporating a job rotation program into their management transition plans. The focus is on the development of a successor, rather than simply the replacement of a senior executive. This type of proactive leadership development offers many benefits to the company as well as the individual. It also results in a smoother transition when the time comes to hand over the reins.

In addition to job rotation, mentoring, coaching, performance evaluations and educational opportunities, including personal and professional development, are best practices for succession management.

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