Leadership Development Consulting

Looking for Leadership Development Consulting Services?

Are you a member of an Alberta family business searching for leadership development consulting services? If so, you'll be interested to learn more about the Alberta Business Family Institute. At ABFI, leadership development consulting takes the form of practical seminars and programs, coaching and mentoring and the provision of resources and support.

Leadership Skill Development Focused on Family Business

In a family business setting, leadership skill development involves much more than defining your management style; it encompasses effective communication with colleagues (who are often family members), learning to look at situations from various perspectives, becoming efficient at strategic planning, among many other challenges. Understanding the unique dynamics of family business is fundamental to this process.

Start Your Leadership Development Program at ABFI

Effective leadership skill development will not only provide a young executive with the tools necessary for personal and professional growth, it will strengthen your organization.

Learn more about our leadership development programs then contact us with your questions. ABFI wants to be a part of your team!