Leadership Development Program

Leadership Development Program for Family Business Members

At the Alberta Business Family Institute, we believe that leadership development is an evolution. The process of gaining knowledge, skills and confidence is not something that can be achieved in a one- or two-hour course; effective leadership skills evolve over a period of time. To this end, we offer programs and resources that encourage and support long-term learning and growth.

Build Confidence and Knowledge with Leadership Development Training

While we offer a framework for growth, every one of our participants is encouraged to define and develop their own leadership style. This is accomplished in a safe, nurturing environment that is sensitive to the unique dynamics of a family business. Build confidence and knowledge by participating in our leadership development training sessions:

Family Leadership Series: This leadership skill development program focuses on engaging the entire family in dialogue and a healthy exchange of ideas in a peer-learning environment. Our expert facilitators employ case study analysis in addition to the presentation of theory and research-based information.

NxGen Leadership: NxGen is leadership development training through facilitated forums on a monthly basis. Young executives become empowered by sharing experiences, challenges and triumphs with other members of the community.

Leadership Skill Development for the Leaders of Tomorrow

At the Alberta Business Family Institute, our leadership development programs are structured to create successful leaders of tomorrow. We invite you to experience the many benefits of a membership with ABFI. From leadership development to succession and financial planning assistance to conflict resolution, our services can help you strengthen not only your business, but your family ties. Contact us - we look forward to hearing from you soon!