Leadership Development

Leadership Development - A Growing Trend

In March 2006, the Daily Commercial News reported that 27% of family-owned business leaders would retire within 5 years, 29% within 6-10 years and 22% in 11-15 years. With this significant turnover in management over the coming decade, it stands to reason that leadership development programs for succession candidates are in high demand.

Leadership Skill Development through Courses and Innovative Strategies

Many organizations turn to professional development workshops and management training courses for leadership skill development. Other innovative strategies that can help prepare young executives for senior positions include job rotation, special assignments in strategic planning, employee exchange, as well as coaching and mentoring.

Regardless of the activities you engage in, at the Alberta Business Family Institute we commend your commitment to your family and your business. Focused efforts in leadership development are an investment in your future. They also help to ensure that the vision and purpose of a company are maintained through the process of leadership transition from one generation to the next.

Incorporate ABFI into Your Leadership Development Program

The Alberta Business Family Institute advocates interaction in education. The practical real-life curriculum of our programs can greatly enhance your leadership development program.