Mentoring Staff

Mentoring Staff in a Family Business - How Can You be Most Effective?

As a senior executive in a family business, have you been assigned or perhaps taken on the task of mentoring staff? If these junior executives are your children, it may be a challenge to provide guidance and coaching as a mentor rather than as a parent. How can you separate these roles in the workplace and assist in the personal and professional growth of your employees/children?

Guidelines for Employee Mentor Programs?

If you are developing or revamping your employee mentor programs, here are some guidelines to keep in mind:?

  • Outline the long-range goals and expectations for your employee mentor program, along with a monitoring and evaluation process
  • Develop formal personal development plans for daughters, sons and other family members who have been identified as possible successors
  • In strategic planning sessions, ensure that corporate decisions are in line with family values
  • Consider peer mentoring as a component of your employee mentor program; identify other employees and supervisors who possess the necessary maturity and skillsets
  • Seek training, resources and support from the Alberta Business Family Institute

Large Corporation to Small Business Mentoring - ABFI can Help

Mentoring staff in family-owned business can present unique challenges. Arm yourself with knowledge and confidence by participating in ABFI seminars and programs. Learn from our mentors, access research, articles and other resources and further develop your own leadership and small business mentoring skills. Contact us today to find out where to start!