Mentoring Techniques

Enhance Your Value with Effective Business Mentoring Techniques

Are you searching for mentoring techniques to enhance your value to a family business client? David Megginson and David Clutterbuck, authors of Techniques for Coaching and Mentoring, open their book with the question, What do you need in order to become a good coach or mentor: a life; a position; a qualification; a way of going on; techniques? Ironically, they answer, "We think that the least important of these resources for a coach or mentor is techniques."

Placing the emphasis on all factors in combination, they go on to discuss more than a dozen training- and education-based mentoring techniques. The essence of the activities/strategies necessary for effective mentoring includes:

  • Relationship building - effectively defining and understanding the parameters of the relationship (including the inevitable end of the mentor relationship)
  • Outlining goals - what you hope to accomplish in mentoring sessions
  • Effective communication - the ability to bring clarity to situations
  • Skill and strength assessment and awareness
  • Helping your protege look at situations from other perspectives
  • Tools and strategies for overcoming obstacles
  • Encouraging creativity and networking
  • Fostering decision-making skills, among others

Family Business Mentoring Programs from ABFI

Family business mentoring programs based on a positive relationship of collaborative sharing and learning can result in tremendous personal and professional growth. Within the complex institution of a family enterprise, it can even mean the difference between succession/continuation of the business and corporate failure.

Learn effective mentoring techniques with information, training and resources available at the Alberta Business Family Institute. Explore the opportunities that await you - contact us with your questions.