Relationship Contracts

Relationship Contracts - To Preserve and to Protect

Relationships within a family business are very complex. Siblings, husbands, wives and other family members must learn to not only coordinate management styles, but to separate personal issues from day-to-day business operations. Strong leadership, clearly defined roles, good communication and conflict resolution techniques all help to facilitate healthy relationships at work and at home; but it?s not always enough.

Formal relationship contracts can ensure the preservation and protection of both careers and the company when relationships fail.

Prenuptial/Cohabitation Agreements, Marriage Contracts - The Bright Side

Papering the Relationship is a practical course offered by the Alberta Business Family Institute. Through participation, you will explore the positive benefits of, and the need for, prenuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements and marriage contracts.

The agreement need not be about relinquishing assets; it can simply protect the most important asset, your family business.

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