Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning - Have You Defined Your Goals?

How does your family business fit into your retirement planning goals? Understanding the technical aspects of succession planning is the first step in the progression of leaving your family business with peace of mind.

When viewed as a natural process, this transition can be a powerful conduit for your family business and the financial well-being of your estate. A good estate plan takes into account income taxes and shifting investment allocation. It should also establish peace of mind, while minimizing the potential for family disputes.

The Benefits of Retirement Planning Advice

Obtaining financial retirement planning advice now will allow you to begin the process of moving away from the day-to-day management of the family enterprise. Solid advice from qualified consultants familiar with Canadian estate planning laws will also facilitate the development of a checklist of asset protection strategies.

Women whose husbands run the family business and who may predecease them can benefit from financial advice about subjects such as replacement income. Other areas to consider when developing an estate plan include taxation, living trusts and joint property.

A Financial Planning Retirement Legacy for your Family Business

Retirement planning doesn't have to be stressful or difficult. You can obtain tools for financial planning, retirement and legacy planning from the Alberta Business Family Institute. Our group of experts can help you design an estate plan for your family business through advising or participating in our seminars and programs.

It's never too early to begin developing a retirement strategy that will allow you to move on from your family business, assured of its continued success. Contact us today.