Small Business Mentoring

Small Business Mentoring can Help Your Company Survive and Thrive

Are you a small business entrepreneur looking for support and guidance to help your family-owned organization prosper and grow? You are wise to seek mentorship. In addition to having a sounding board to assist in current decision-making, small business mentoring can help you build a strong foundation for future growth.

Coaching and Mentoring Facilitates Leadership Development

In a family-owned small business where a son or daughter is a potential successor, small business mentoring can prove invaluable in leadership development.

Consider a workplace in which a young executive must someday step out from the shadow of a powerful founder who is also their parent. An objective trusted advisor can facilitate personal and professional growth outside of the parent-child relationship. Inspiring competence and confidence, coaching and mentoring can be an important component of management transition plans.

ABFI Provides Valuable Resources for Small Business Entrepreneurs

Small business mentoring encompasses listening, motivating and planning skills that can help your business thrive. The Alberta Business Family Institute offers coaching and mentoring for small business entrepreneurs, as well as a wide range of seminars, programs and resources. Our mentors are experts in the fields of financial planning, corporate governance, mediation, conflict resolution, among others.

We also support trusted advisors with training and networking opportunities. Explore our website to learn more then contact us to discuss your needs.