ABFI Signature Event 2022


Celebrating our 18th Annual Signature Event. A must-attend Alberta business gala dinner, this annual event featuring over 600 people combined in Edmonton and Calgary, is an opportunity to gain insight into the inner workings of some of Canada's most successful businesses and the families who own them. The Signature Event is ABFI's annual celebration of the history and success of outstanding multi-generational business families.

Featuring an intimate discussion with a prominent business family, this event showcases real life examples and the history and lessons learned from some of Canada's leading business families. It provides a unique opportunity for the business family community to learn, socialize and celebrate success with business family luminaries. And of course it acts as a fundraiser to help ABFI grow, develop and provide educational opportunities to ensure family-run businesses and enterprises have a solid future.

Signature 2022 | The Hay family story and history

Scandinavian Building Services was established in 1956 as a small janitorial company in Edmonton, Alberta. It has been owned and operated by the Hay family since 1982. They have established a significant presence across Canada, earning a "spotless reputation" and serving a growing list of clients including Canada's largest retail and commercial companies, fitness facilities, iconic sports complexes, shopping malls, and more.

This extraordinary family is recognized as a leader in family business as they continue to be inspired by their late founder, leader and CEO Terry Hay (1952-2018). They have a business that embraces two generations and spans 30 years of service. Their high standards–and total commitment to providing the best client service in the business–permeate the entire organization.

Signature 2022 Video Insights

The Alberta Business Family Institute was proud to celebrate the Hay Family of Scandinavian Building Services for our 18th annual Signature 2022 Event on October 12 and 13. In this series of videos, capturing the insights and activities of the family before, during, and after our October event, the Hays share and discuss the successes and challenges of their unique business and its transition. Subscribe to our newsletter & follow us on YouTube to make sure you don't miss out on more stories like this.

Congratulations and Thank You

This year’s Signature Event was a grand success, thanks in no small part to the gracious support and assistance of ABFI’s board, our Signature Event Sponsors, the members of the family business community that attended the event, and the Hay family itself, of course!

Combining an in-depth moderated conversation with one of Scandinavian Building Services’ founders, Wilda Hay, and second-generation leaders Russell Hay, Melanie Brooks, and Candace Elford, Signature Event 2022 was more than a networking event or a fundraiser, it was an opportunity to connect and learn from the engaging and powerful story of the Hay family, Scandinavian Building Services, and their united journey.

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Handed out annually, this award is given to an Alberta-based Family Enterprise Advisor (FEA) designate who has exemplified outstanding skill in advising business families through multi-generational transitions and has demonstrated unfaltering commitment to the key ABFI value of "family first".

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