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The ABCs Of Making Money for Teens
Authors: Cauvier, Denis; Lysaght, Alan

Must the next generation grow up to struggle from paycheck to paycheck?

Student credit card debt is currently $500 million; student loan debt is at $60 billion; the under 25 age group is the fastest growing demographic filing for bankruptcy; the majority of students aged 16 to 22 have never taken a class in personal finance...

These shocking statistics do not need to continue growing because the solution is straightforward--even simple. Our experience has shown us that when we give teens the encouragement and the tools, they can achieve amazing things. The ABCs of Making Money for Teens is a ground breaking book based on the acclaimed international bestseller, The ABCs of Making Money. Written specifically for teens, this book covers all the basics of making money, hot to hang on to it and how to make it grow while having fun. This lively, common sense approach contains lots of easy-to-follow, self-directed exercises and is loaded with inspirational teen success stories.

ISBN: 978-0-9733549-3-5
PUBLISHER: Wealth Solutions Press
CategoryBudgeting & Money Management
Pages: 96

The Advisor's Guide to Business Succession Planning
Author: Scarratt, Malcolm T.; Kraft, James W.

In the 4th edition on this hugely popular guide to initiating and planning business succession, the authors have expanded and updated for new market realities, including these key areas: New options for buyout structures due to changes to the dividend taxation rules; Finding creative financing alternatives due to market volatility and changing lending practices by banks; 'Escape Hatch' planning; New section: Am I better off retaining ownership?; Expanding chapter on the sale of the financial advisor's own practice; The Business Succession Planning checklist.

ISBN: 978-1-55496-294-5
PUBLISHER: CCH Canadian, Ltd.
Category: Succession Planning
Pages: 204

All in the Family...Business: A Personal Memoir and Corporate History
Author: Raymond, Jr., George G.; Merrifield, Bruce D.

This paradigm of American corporate history tells the interwoven stories of George Raymond's successful business career and his personal life. As a teenager, Raymond went to work for his father's firm, The Raymond Corporation. He rose to become its president, developed a revolutionary product, the narrow-aisle forklift truck, and made the company a premier manufacturer of materials handling equipment. Just as he was starting to enjoy his success, tragedy struck: a murder shattered his family. Having remarried and reached retirement age years later, Raymond picked as his successor a CEO who became an adversary. Finally, he was compelled to force the sale of his family-owned company. By all accounts, the book is a classic case history of a family business and a gripping personal memoir.

ISBN: 978-1-889274-12-6
PUBLISHER: Posterity Press (MD)
Category: Biographies & Memoirs
Pages: 235

Another Kind of Hero: Preparing Successors for Leadership
Author: Aronoff, Craig E.; Ward, John L.

The founders of the family business must impart their vision and leadership to succeeding generations. Preparing those generations for leadership is challenging and encompasses a lifetime, but it is critical to the continuity and revitalization of the business. Aronoff and Ward's strategy for a smooth transition prepares successors for their role in the future of the firm.

ISBN: 978-0-9651011-3-4
PUBLISHER: Business Owner Resources
Category: Estate Planning

Beyond Survival
Author: Danco, Leon A.

As a successful business owner, you realize that financial success is just the beginning. You still have many other challenges to face. However, the real threat to the continued success and growth of your business doesn't come from ruthless competitors, spiralling costs, oppressive government regulations, militant unions or runaway inflation. The main threat lies in the managerial practices and policies that you-like too many other business owners-have chosen to follow since the day you started business. Over the years, age and success have become your partners and they demand from you a set of solutions and approaches that are totally different from what you had to use to survive in the "good ol' days". You had the dream, the ability, and the guts to build your business from virtual scratch, but now you must also have the guts to accept the fact that the perpetuation of your business is in your hands and is your responsibility. You've been running so fast and working so hard that it's been difficult for you to take an objective look at what you are doing-or failing to do-to ensure the survival, growth and profitable continuity of your business. Time is your most precious asset, but you only have a finite amount of it. You must begin by making some changes now, while there is still time to make them. In this book, Dr. Danco outlines his recommendations for ensuring the success, continuity, and perpetuation of the business you have built on your sweat, guts, and talent. As a teacher, consultant, and advisor for nearly four decades, to thousands of family-owned or privately-held businesses, he has made it his goal to force business owners to take critical looks at themselves, their actions, their business, and their family-examinations that are absolutely necessary if their dream is to survive. The survival of your company is a vital ingredient in our North American way of life. It depends on your courage and your action.

ISBN: 978-0-9733786-0-3
PUBLISHER: Predictable Futures
Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 204

Building a Successful Family Business Board: A Guide for Leaders, Directors, and Families
Author: Pendergast, Jennifer M.; Ward, John L.; Brun de Pontet, Stephanie

Boards of directors can help businesses succeed-yet many family businesses do not have functioning boards of directors that play a valuable role in providing oversight to their businesses. In Building a Successful Family Business Board, the authors show why private firms need the in-depth expertise and objective feedback that a well-chosen board, including qualified independent directors, can provide, and demonstrates how owners and directors can work together to ensure a long and profitable life for the firm. The book provides best practices for owners and directors with step-by-step guidelines for developing and managing a board-from writing the initial prospectus, through conducting lively meetings, to maintaining open, honest communication between owners, directors, family members, and other stakeholders in the firm.

ISBN: 978-0-230-11154-7
PUBLISHER: Palgrave Macmillan
Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 272


Business Families and Family Businesses: The Step Handbook for Advisers
Author: MacDonald, Ian; Sutton, Jonathan

This new guide, edited by the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP), features chapters by leading practitioners in the field, including the Family Firm Institute, HSBC Private Bank, Boodle Hatfield and SandAire. The book considers what makes business families and family businesses unique, and examines the issues that advisers are often called upon to address when assisting them. It helps practitioners to deepen their understanding of how families operate, and to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to advise on such complex areas as conflicts between working and non-working family members, structure, succession, wealth management, governance and meeting a family's philanthropic objectives. The guide provides a comprehensive handbook for all practitioners who advise business families, including lawyers, accountants, financial advisers, and wider family business advisers.

ISBN: 978-1-905783-25-0
PUBLISHER: Globe Law and Business
Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 279


Cash Management Toolkit for Small and Medium Businesses
Author: Sherman, Jeffrey D.

As an owner-manager, you know that cash on hand and access to cash when you need it are vital to the success (and the very survival) of your business.

This toolkit guides you step-by-step through the entire cash management process, including funds coming in, funds going out, and the planning, control and measurement of the funds themselves. Each chapter explains a component of cash management, showing you what you need to know and what you can do to improve your processes. As you optimize your cash management, you will also be improving your company's controls, better managing risk and enhancing operations. CD included.

ISBN: 978-1-55385-449-4
PUBLISHER: Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants
Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 171

Clean Break: How to Divorce with Dignity and Move On with Your Life
Author: Stewart, Karen

Divorce is costly. It costs money-masses of your money. It costs time-hours and hours spent in meetings, on the telephone, and completing paperwork and depositions and filing affidavits. It costs heartache as battle lines are drawn and loved ones, especially children, suffer emotional pain.

Karen Stewart's own harrowing story of divorce is an unqualified testament to these truths. Her experience led her to believe that there had to be a better way to end a marriage and get on with life. Her ideas and vision evolved into Fairway Divorce Solutions, which provides a model for divorce with dignity and an end to traditional divorce. The Fairway Process Offers:

  • A strategic step-by-step process that brings win-win resolutions regarding children, property, and money
  • A decision-making process that leads to consensus and fair outcomes
  • A focus on the children of the marriage
  • A plan to control costs that can often escalate out of control in typical divorce proceedings
  • A process that rejects blame or victimization
  • A focus on the future that has a well-thought-out plan for parenting and finances

More and more Canadians are turning to this new divorce approach to help them transition to new beginnings. If you are facing the reality of divorce, you owe it to yourself, your children, and your bank account to read a book that offers promise, not dread, and calm instead of a storm.

ISBN: 978-0-470-15550-9
Category: Relationships
Pages: 312

The Codfathers: Lessons From the Atlantic Business Elite
Author: Pitts, Gordon

Around the globe, Canadian business leaders are known for their effective management style: patient, polite, often undemonstrative, they are great networkers and deeply committed to operations. What are the roots of this management style, and how did it become the gold standard for Canadian business leaders? Acclaimed business writer Gordon Pitts argues that the source lies Down East, in the business traditions of the Atlantic provinces. The defining traits of fierce company loyalty, excellent operations, and casual-yet-aggressive negotiating style grew out of the entrepreneurial and family businesses for which the region is famous. The exodus of many talented members of the Maritime business class into Central and Western Canada, New England, and New York has taken this brand of management into the global power centres of international commerce. Based on in-depth interviews with Atlantic business leaders, The Codfathers provides a window on the notoriously secretive world of the Irvings, the McCains, the Sobeys, and other key business tycoons, including John Bragg, the Nova Scotia blueberries and cable tycoon; John Risley, the hard-driving seafood king; and Ron Joyce, who made Tim Hortons into a Canadian icon. It examines the power networks built around Bay Street Lawyer Purdy Crawford and former New Brunswick premier, Frank McKenna, who is now bringing the Maritime Mafia into the corridors of power in Washington, D.C. The world of Newfoundland commerce is populated by such singular personalities as helicopter titan Craig Dobbin, cable-czar-turned-premier Danny Williams, and satellites-to-seafood kingpin Derrick Rowe. This export of entrepreneurial talent from the East Coast is one of corporate Canada`s best-kept secrets. But what of the next generation? Some will swim against the tide of outward migration to return home, but most will work for global multinationals and corporations based in other areas of the world. One thing is certain, however: throughout their lives, whether fighting rush hour traffic in New York or overseeing the expansion of a Canadian business in China, these business leaders will continue the Atlantic traditions of dogged resilience, understated aggressiveness, and the ability, when things get rough, to unnerve the enemy with an onslaught of colourful language.

ISBN: 978-1-55263-718-0
PUBLISHER: Key Porter Books
Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 328

Conflict and Communication in the Family Business
Author: Astrachan, Joseph H.; McMillan, Kristi S.

Conflict and Communication in the Family Business simplifies the complexities of communication and offers practical advice that can be put to use immediately to make meaningful improvements in communication. It offers the "ABCs" of how to manage differing views for the good of the whole.

ISBN: 978-1-891652-10-3
PUBLISHER: Family Enterprise Publishers
Pages: 61

Creating a Lean Culture: Tools to Sustain Lean Conversions
Author: Mann, David

The new and revised edition of this modern day classic provides the critical piece that will make any lean transformation a dynamic continuous success. It shows you how to implement a transformation that cannot fail by developing a culture that will have all your stakeholders involved in the process and invested in the outcome. It will teach you how to build success from the top down and the bottom up at the same time. If you are a leader at any level in an organization undergoing or considering a lean transformation, this is where you should start and finish...and start again.

ISBN: 978-1-4398-1141-2
PUBLISHER: Productivity Press
Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 316

Creating Effective Boards for Private Enterprises: Meeting the Challenges of Continuity and Competition
Author: Ward, John L.

The most complete handbook on boards for small to midsize private and family businesses. Shows how an active board of directors made up of seasoned business owners and executives can provide the objective feedback and business acumen that will help private firms face new competitive challenges while addressing such key concerns as succession and long-range planning.

ISBN: 978-1-55542-352-0
PUBLISHER: Jossey-Bass Inc Pub
Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 264

Developing Family Business Policies: Your Guide to the Future
Author: Aronoff, Craig E.; Astrachan, Joseph H.; Ward, John L.

Developing policies to guide decision making can help the family business avoid serious problems. When everyone in the family understands the basis for decision making there is very little room for feeling slighted-yet few businesses take the time to work together to develop their policies. The authors provide a step-by-step process for engaging family members in developing policies which cover issues such as: dealing with conflicts of interest; retirement timing; distribution of profits; loan programs; compensation; and succession.

ISBN: 978-1-891652-01-1
PUBLISHER: Business Owner Resources
Pages: 89

Drift, Drown, or Decide: Navigational Tools for Business Families in Transitions
Author: Wusyk, Gordon D.

Wusyk's first book is the compilation of personal insights and processes that will guide business families through a proven process to establish a successful succession. The book is full of real-life examples drawn from his experience and techniques that can be immediately applied by families who are serious about the perpetuation of both their values and their valuables.

Wusyk challenges founders, successors, and advisers to look beyond the assets to the principles upon which the business family was built. Assets don't manage themselves-people do, but they are often not prepared.

Wusyk challenges family business owners to realize their economic potential and to make a huge difference in their family, the community and their country by harnessing a power they didn't know they had-Trust.

This is an easy read full of how to's to get you from a mess to masterpiece and from success to significance.

ISBN: 978-0-9733786-4-1
PUBLISHER: Predictable Futures
Category: Estate Planning
Pages: 186


The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It
Author: Gerber, Michael E.

An instant classic, this revised and updated edition of the phenomenal bestseller dispels the myths about starting your own business. Small business consultant and author Michael E. Gerber, with sharp insight gained from years of experience, points out how common assumptions, expectations, and even technical expertise can get in the way of running a successful business.

Gerber walks you through the steps in the life of a business-from entrepreneurial infancy through adolescent growing pains to the mature entrepreneurial perspective: the guiding light of all businesses that succeed-and shows how to apply the lessons of franchising to any business, whether or not it is a franchise. Most importantly, Gerber draws the vital, often overlooked distinction between working on your business and working in your business.

The E-Myth Revisited will help you grow your business in a productive, assured way.

ISBN: 978-0-88730-728-7
PUBLISHER: Harper Business
Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 288

Effective Leadership in the Family Business
Author: Aronoff, Craig E.; Baskin, Otis W.

Identifying and developing leaders in a family business can be more difficult than traditional business. How do you develop each child differently, how do you lead your sibling-who in fact may be older than you? Balancing the diverse demands of your business, your family, and your shareholders means taking extra effort. Here authors Aronoff and Baskin discuss the different styles of leadership and what style might work with what family member-including the Directing Leader; the Coaching Leader; the Counseling Leader; and the Delegating Leader.

ISBN: 978-1-891652-16-5
PUBLISHER: Family Enterprise Publishers
Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 67

Effective Succession Planning: Ensuring Leadership Continuity and Building Talent from Within
Author: Rothwell, William J.

When key employees and executives move on-whether expectedly or unexpectedly-organizations had better have a good succession plan in place. The most comprehensive and authoritative book on the subject, Effective Succession Planning has helped countless companies develop strong succession programs and avoid major disruptions.

Thoroughly revised to reflect the latest trends and best practices, the book presents strategies for identifying competencies, clarifying values, assessing current and future needs, and creating a complete, systematic succession planning program.

The third edition also features all-new material reflecting the author's surveys on:

  • whole system transformation
  • software support packages
  • tapping retirees to manage succession crises
  • the growing activism of boards in succession planning and more

The book includes a new diagnostic tool to assess specific succession needs, illuminating case studies, and a CD-ROM with worksheets, assessment tools and training guides.

ISBN: 978-0-8144-0842-1
Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 400

The Estate Planning Toolkit for Business Owners: Building and Preserving Your Wealth
Author: Lillico, Peter B.; Bark, Steven C.; Melchionna, Pina; Aldridge, Kathleen

Focusing on the business owner, this toolkit and the accompanying CD of checklists are designed to provide a solid grounding on estate planning principles that can help you be better prepared to discuss your objectives with your advisers. It will also help you explore the "what if" questions that can surface as you apply these principles to your own situation. CD included.

ISBN: 978-1-55385-426-5
PUBLISHER: Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants
Pages: 192

Every Family's Business: 12 Common Sense Questions to Protect Your Wealth
Author: Deans, Thomas

ISBN: 978-0-9808910-1-0
PUBLISHER: De'tente Financial PressCategory: Business & Investing
Pages: 139

Everything You Need to Know About Estate Planning
Author: Wark, Kevin

An accessible, thorough and informative approach to estate planning. Today, at the beginning of the 21st century, the majority of baby boomers are in their forties or fifties. Poised to receive inheritances of their own, these men and women have also benefited enormously from the recent growth of the stock market. They have accumulated wealth, and must now carefully consider different strategies to protect and increase that wealth. Everything You Need to Know About Estate Planning will help them do just that. Readers will learn about: planning for retirement; powers of attorney; wills and trusts; charitable gifts; family law and special circumstance; strategies for different ages; the role of insurance featuring worksheets. A glossary of terms and a resource section, this book is an indispensable guide to those grappling with the challenges of planning for the future.

ISBN: 978-1-55263-346-5
PUBLISHER: Key Porter Books
Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 213


Family Business by the Numbers: How Financial Statements Impact Your Business
Author: Schwarz, Norbert E.

Business is the language of numbers-but not everyone in businesses understands how to read the myriad of financial statements that are necessary. Author Norb Schwarz provides readers with accessible information to understanding financial statements such as annual reports, cash flow statements, income statements, balance sheets, and so much more. Filled with accessible information including definition and explanations, this book is essential for all family business members who don't have a firm handle on these essential skills.

ISBN: 978-1-891652-14-1
PUBLISHER: Family Enterprise Pub.
Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 106

Family Business Governance: Maximizing Family and Business Potential
Author: Aronoff, Craig E.; Ward, John L.

While every family business is unique, embracing systematic governance processes can help any family business achieve goals shared by virtually all: orderly decision-making, peaceful continuity, and the freedom to make decisions based on the highest and best purposes of both the business and the family.

ISBN: 978-0-9651011-8-9
PUBLISHER: Business Owner Resources
Category: Family Enterprise
Pages: 60

Family Business Key Issues
Author: Kenyon-Rouvinez, Denise; Ward, John L.

The family business has been the most prevalent and pervasive form of business in many countries and raises particular questions concerning succession and governance and in particular the relationships between management, board members, and family members. This book is a collection of articles by leading thinkers and practitioners on the family business which covers such issues as assuring a healthy family business, family strategy, governance, and succession.

ISBN: 978-1-4039-4775-8
PUBLISHER: Palgrave Macmillan
Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 160

Family Business Ownership: How To Be An Effective Shareholder
Author: Aronoff, Craig E.; Ward, John L.

Ownership in a family business can be a rewarding and important role. It means stewardship, protection and nurturing the family business. As a guide for shareholders, this book will help in developing understanding and insight into the role of becoming more valuable as an owner, not just financially, but intellectually and emotionally as well. It aims to provide the philosophical foundation that will support the decisions owners make about technical and legal issues and to help all shareholders understand how to be constructive in their roles. Ownership ought to be an interesting, challenging, profitable, and spiritually enriching experience.

ISBN: 978-1-891652-05-9
PUBLISHER: Family Enterprise Publishers
Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 67

Family Business Succession: The Final Test of Greatness
Author: Aronoff, Craig E.; McClure, Stephen L.; Ward, John L.

Preparing to pass the family business on to the next generation is perhaps the roughest and most critical challenge facing business owners. Yet most businesses don't realize that succession is a lifelong process of planning and management. Leaders will learn how to create a succession plan; how to develop opportunities for succession candidates; how to build consensus with the family and leaders on succession plans; and when and how to let go of their own role in the business.

ISBN: 978-1-891652-09-7
PUBLISHER: Business Owner Resources
Pages: 74

Family Business Values: How to Assure a Legacy of Continuity and Success
Author: Aronoff, Craig E.; Ward, John L.

The most successful families have strong values that are deeply rooted in emotional bonds and shared history. These values have important underpinnings to decisions that are made each day, from how we treat people to strong strategic decisions made in business. This book shows readers how to tap into core values and use them for strategic advantage.

Family Business Values covers:

  • How values bring power to the family business
  • How family values can strengthen day-to-day operation
  • How values can help to resolve conflicts within the family and between family and business
  • How to identify and articulate genuine family values
  • How to nurture and pass on values in the family and the business
  • How to renew and reinterpret values to retain their productive power in today's fast-changing world, and much more.

ISBN: 978-1-891652-02-8
PUBLISHER: Business Owner Resources
Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 77

Family Meetings: How to Build a Stronger Family and a Stronger Business
Author: Aronoff, Craig E.; Ward, John L.

Family Meetings demonstrates the value of family meetings and how to effectively use family meetings to achieve family and business milestones. In its information-packed pages you'll learn ten benefits of effective family meetings; how to use family meetings to plan for future ownership and participation in the family business; how to use family meetings to preserve family traditions and history and to recognize and resolve conflicts; the key questions to be dealt with at family meetings; how to organize and run effective family meetings; how family meetings change as the business evolves; how to separate family issues from business issues; how to use rituals and ceremonies for bonding and recognition.

ISBN: 978-1-891652-07-3
PUBLISHER: Business Owner Resources
Category: Family Enterprise
Pages: 61

Financing Transitions: Managing Capital and Liquidity in the Family Business
Author: de Visscher, François M.; Aronoff, Craig E.; Ward, John L.

If a family-owned company is to endure and provide the maximum potential opportunity for future generations, it must plan for provision of both adequate shareholder liquidity and sufficient business capital. Many believe their options are limited: restrict money available to the family, sell the business, or go public. Rather than allowing financial pressures to destroy the family business, careful planning and sophisticated use of the growing collection of financial techniques can help the family retain business control and make wise choices among many available alternatives.

Financing Transitions is a guide to:

  • Anticipating and managing capital and liquidity needs
  • Understanding how the "Family Effect" can be a family business' greatest asset-or its greatest threat
  • Recognizing how predictable family business transitions can erupt into family crises
  • Keeping patient capital from becoming impatient
  • Controlling the family business' cost of capital, and much more...
Financing Transitions gives business owners the financial insight and understanding needed to provide future generations with the fullest possible opportunity to enjoy the unique benefits of business ownership.

ISBN: 978-0-230-11105-9
PUBLISHER: Palgrave Macmillan
Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 128

From Siblings to Cousins: Prospering in the Third Generation and Beyond
Author: Aronoff, Craig E.; Ward, John L.

Statistics show that many family businesses fail by the third generation-those that survive are able to navigate the transition from a sibling run business to an expanded family run business. Here Aronoff and Ward show siblings and cousins how to work together on key issues that are critical to the future success of the business including how to attract the most capable family members into leadership roles, how to develop agreement among many owners, and how to create a "cousin collaboration" which will go a long way to determining the prosperity and fortune of your firm.

ISBN: 978-1-891652-18-9
PUBLISHER: Family Enterprise Publishers
Pages: 69


Generation to Generation: Life Cycles of the Family Business
Author: Davis, John A.; McCollom Hampton, Marion; Lansberg, Ivan; Gersick, Kelin E.

Generation to Generation presents one of the first comprehensive overviews of family business as a specific organizational form. Focusing on the inevitable maturing of families and their firms over time, the authors reveal the dynamics and challenges family businesses face as they move through their life cycles. The book asks questions, such as: what is the difference between an entrepreneurial start-up and a family business, and how does one become the other? How does the meaning of the business to the family change as adults and children age? How do families move through generational changes in leadership, from anticipation to transfer, and then separation and retirement? This book is divided into three sections that present a multidimensional model of a family business. The authors use the model to explore the various stages in the family business life span and extract generalizable lessons about how family businesses should be organized.

ISBN: 978-0-87584-555-5
PUBLISHER: Harvard Business Press
Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 320

Getting Along in Family Business: The Relationship Intelligence Handbook
Author: Hoover, Edwin A.; Lombard Hoover, Colette

What is it that makes it possible for some families in business to successfully work together for over 100 years, and for others to end up in litigation in an unsuccessful attempt to pass the business onto the second generation? Getting Along in Family Business is a practical guide for business owning families and their professional advisors. Edwin A. Hoover and Colette Lombard Hoover identify the single most important factor to the success of any business: Relationship Intelligence. With over ten years experience working with family businesses of all sizes and types, the authors provide the practical applications and principles of Relationship Intelligence to help family businesses effectively problem solve, plan for the future, bridge differences, and manage change.

As the first book that fully integrates important elements from family, developmental and group psychology, organizational development, business management, mediation, and human motivation, Getting Along in Family Business demonstrates how improved relationships translate into more effective leadership, ownership, and ethics in business.

ISBN: 978-0-415-92189-3
PUBLISHER: Routledge
Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 272

Getting the Right Things Done: A Leader's Guide to Planning and Execution
Author: Dennis, Pascal

For companies to be competitive, leaders must engage people at all levels to focus their energy and enable them to apply lean principles to everything they do. Strategy deployment, called hoshin kanri by Toyota, has proven to be the most effective process for meeting this ongoing challenge. In Getting the Right Things Done, Pascal Dennis outlines the nuts and bolts of strategy deployment, answering two tough questions that ultimately can make or break a lean transformation: What kind of planning system is required to inspire meaningful company-wide continuous improvement? How might we change existing mental models that do not support a culture of continuous improvement? Getting the Right Things Done tells the story of a fictional midsized company, Atlas Industries, that needs to dramatically improve to compete with emerging rivals and meet new customer demands. While Atlas had already applied some basic lean principles, it had not really connected the people and business processes so that the company could dramatically improve. Something was missing: a way of focusing and aligning the efforts of good people, and a delivery system, something that would direct the tools to the right places. The book provides readers with a framework for understanding the key components of strategy deployment: agreeing on True North for the company, working within the PDCA cycle, getting consensus through catchball, the deployment leader concept, and A3 thinking. It links action to theory and reminds us that lean tools are only the means to an end, not ends in themselves. It takes a step-by-step instructional approach to the strategy deployment process. Through this unique combination, Getting the Right Things Done balances the human and technical dimensions of making strategy deployment a vital part of the daily culture of any company.

ISBN: 978-0-9763152-6-1
PUBLISHER: Lean Enterprises Institute, Inc.
Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 230

Great White Elephant: Why Rich Kids Hate Their Parents!
Author: Lombardo, Franco

Great White Elephant: Why Rich Kids Hate Their Parents offers a methodology for improving your chances of achieving success in your business succession planning and wealth transition to the next generation, while leaving them properly prepared, both intellectually and emotionally, for that inheritance-ownership, power, and wealth-and all that this implies. This book offers a methodology for navigating the awkward conversations (the Great White Elephants) that can ultimately undermine a family and its desire to perpetuate the family's wealth.

The author draws form his experience and shares candid stories wherein the strategies employed ensure values as well as valuables are successfully transitioned. Lombardo offers a model to better understand the interconnected role love plays in the bequeathing of wealth inter-generationally, and the impact one's Money Motto has on family relationships.

He also compassionately challenges the current and more or less universally applied approach to business succession planning and wealth transition and enables people to identify the ambivalent and often negative feelings, beliefs, and behaviours they hold towards ownership, power, and wealth. With Great White Elephant, Lombardo gives you a roadmap to follow and the means to create a framework for success, ultimately bringing a family closer-all because they had the courage to face their Great White Elephants together.

PUBLISHER: Roper House Publishing
Category: Retirement Planning
Pages: 192

Healthy Growth for the Family Business
Author: Pendergast, Jennifer M.

Family businesses find many different paths to success. Some, like Wal-Mart become among the world s largest businesses. Others, happily serve a limited market. Whether a business remains small or grows large, every family business at some time or other is faced with issues that centre around growth. If you are a member of a business owning family, you may ask such questions as: Do we want this business to grow? Why should we grow it? Is it capable of growing? What sacrifices will growth require? What sacrifices will we make if we don t grow? Healthy Growth for the Family Business will help you answer those questions. When leaders of family firms think about growth, they take into consideration not just the business but also how the business growth will affect the family.

You will learn that growth can mean different things to different people, and not just in terms of increases in sales and profits. The way some family business owners look at growth will offer inspiration and spur creativity as you seek answers for your own company. Family shareholders and board members will learn a great deal from this book. When they have a better understanding of the issues involved in growth, these family members can support you in moving the family business in the direction it needs to go. Healthy Growth for the Family Business will provide you with practical knowledge. It will help you decide whether to grow and, if so, what type and amount of growth you want. You will learn to avoid the dangers of overestimating your company s ability to grow or under anticipating the company s need for growth.

ISBN: 978-1-891652-17-2
PUBLISHER: Family Enterprise Publishers
Pages: 62

How Families Work Together
Author: Aronoff, Craig E.; Ward, John L.; Whiteside, Mary F.

Through an investigative look at familial interactions, the authors highlight normal conflicts, criticisms, and communications failures that are a part of the family experience, as well as their effects on working relationships within the enterprise.

ISBN: 978-0-9651011-4-1
PUBLISHER: Business Owner Resources
Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 75

How to Choose and Use Advisors: Getting the Best Professional Family Business Advice
Author: Aronoff, Craig E.; Ward, John L.

Leading a family business can be complex, and every business owner needs help from time to time-but choosing the right advice can make or break the business. In How to Choose and Use Advisors, authors Aronoff and Ward establish benchmarks for excellent advisory services; they show businesses owners how to benefit from advice, ranging from legal and financial to executive search and organizational development.

ISBN: 978-0-9651011-6-5
PUBLISHER: Business Owner Resources
Pages: 69




Keep Your Business Close...and Your Family Closer
Author: Hollar, Larry

ISBN: 978-0-9766659-0-8
PUBLISHER: Pinon Publishing

Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 162

Business school teaches you business theories. Your mother lends you family advice. But who can give you the real scoop on mixing business and family? A family-business veteran, of course, who has lived through the agony of firing a loved one, the misgivings of family-business succession, the uncertainty of hiring a son-in-law...and still believes in family business.

Author Larry Hollar has worked in his family's business since the age of five, from taking out the trash to international sales at the decades-old seed company. Since taking over the reins at his family business, Hollar has simultaneously studied the science of family business management. In Keep Your Business Close and Your Family Closer, Hollar weaves stories of international business success with hard-earned advice. From Grandpa's tried-and-true truisms to academic theories, this book offers something for everyone in the business-from mail room to board room.

While examining the plus-sides of doing business with your family, this down-to-earth book is also a personal tale of growing up in rural America, travelling the world, and succeeding at growth.


Keeping the Family Business Healthy: How to Plan for Continuing Growth, Profitability, and Family Leadership
Author: Ward, John L.

ISBN: 978-1-55542-026-0
PUBLISHER: Jossey-Bass Inc Pub

Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 304


Learn how to use strategic planning to help a family business remain profitable, survive from one generation to the next, continue to grow, and adapt to change. This book demonstrates how to create a comprehensive strategic plan for the business and the family.

Family-owned businesses are a predominant form of business organization in the United States, yet such businesses tend to have relatively short life spans, often limited to the working life of the founder-owner. The author, an educator and expert in family businesses, describes the character and life cycle of the family business and offers guidance in two crucial areas: strategic business planning and planning the family's role in the business and its future. Ward offers an able analysis of these factors, providing sound advice to those involved with family businesses.


Kids, Wealth, and Consequences: Ensuring a Responsible Financial Future for the Next Generation
Author: Morris, Richard A.; Hughes, James E.; Pearl, Jayne A.

ISBN: 978-1-57660-348-2
PUBLISHER: Bloomberg Press

Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 288


Inherited wealth can be a blessing or a burden. Money can provide education, comfort, travel, and culture; or it can drain ambition and meaning, cause guilt, or give a toxic sense of entitlement. The question becomes how to raise children with a sense of reality and balance.

Kids, Wealth, and Consequences provides an iterative, chapter-by-chapter process that leads parents to a deeper understanding of themselves and what their choices and actions mean for their children.

The book describes how parents can impart to their children the skills they need for successful, happy lives. Morris and Pearl help parents evaluate how their choices in spending, financial management, and estate planning affect the wealth and the legacy they will leave behind. The authors offer ways for parents to discuss money with their children, teaching them how to spend, invest, and manage it responsibly. Parents also learn how to avoid the unintended consequences of inherited wealth, such as uncontrolled spending, lack of directing, lack of self-esteem, and dependency.

In addition, the authors address the key financial, intellectual, and emotional issues of wealth. The book tackles such "hard" issues as investing and estate planning as well as such "soft" issues as values, family, and communication in a way that underscores the interplay among all three areas.

Morris and Pearl cite experts to illustrate key points and also include insights into how recent economic difficulties have affected decision making.


The Learning Paradox: Gaining Success and Security in a World of Change
Author: Harris, Jim

ISBN: 978-0-7715-7574-7
PUBLISHER: Macmillan Canada

Category: Industries & Professions
Pages: 314

The most potent catalyst in a firm's success: change.

Jim Harris details the philosophy and specifics of creating companies that respond successfully to change. With practical advice from companies who've made resilience a corporate motto, The Learning Paradox offers insights on how to adapt to the chaotic new world of business, including how to: create, motivate, and continuously improve; create learning organizations; design systems and structures for growth; maximize shareholder value, employee security, and customer loyalty; and attract and retain the best employees. He also addresses such critical managerial issues as maintaining control, while allowing people freedom and building a positive vision of the future, even during a reorganization.


Letting Go: Preparing Yourself to Relinquish Control of the Family Business
Author: Aronoff, Craig E.

ISBN: 978-1-891652-11-0
PUBLISHER: Family Enterprise Publishers

Category: ...
Pages: 69


Relinquishing control of the family business is an emotionally difficult experience. Letting Go helps family business owners and CEOs make the decision to begin succession planning. It provides new ways of thinking about giving up control of the family business and explores practical strategies for preparing, managing, and carrying out the decision to do so.


Life after Wealth: When is Enough Enough?
Author: Lombardo, Franco

ISBN: 978-0-9731061-0-7
PUBLISHER: Roper House Publishing

Category: ...
Pages: 127


Life after Wealth is a road map to financial and spiritual abundance, speaking about the value of money.


Make Change: Your Family Business Tradition
Author: Aronoff, Craig E.; Ward, John L.

ISBN: 978-1-891652-04-2
PUBLISHER: Business Owner Resources

Category: ...
Pages: 67

Family business leaders of the past could often guarantee decades of success built on a single, long-lived strategic plan. But the current rapid rate of change makes ongoing success an infinitely more difficult challenge. What works today is passé tomorrow. In Make Change: Your Family Business Tradition, those involved in or with a family firm will learn how to: build and preserve a foundation for constant renewal; modify the company's culture while preserving its values; recognize and overcome the inhibitors to change; adapt traditions to contemporary realities; develop characteristics of an effective change leader; respect the past while embracing the future; encourage and make room for the next generation's changes; gain family and employee commitment to change...and much more.


Making Sibling Teams Work: The Next Generation
Author: Aronoff, Craig E.; Astrachan, Joseph H.; Mendoza, Drew S.; Ward, John L.

ISBN: 978-1-891652-00-4
PUBLISHER: Business Owner Resources

Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 72

Where a business was once almost invariably handed from father to son, it is now increasingly passed from a founder to a next-generation sibling team. Brothers and sisters own and run businesses together in relationships that can be characterized by strength, joy, love and support or by dysfunction, disharmony and disaster. Making Sibling Teams Work will help those who have accepted the responsibility of preserving and building a business to find success in their own generation while setting the stage for the generation to follow.


Managing For The Long Run: Lessons In Competitive Advantage From Great Family Businesses
Author: Le Breton-Miller, Isabelle; Miller, Danny

ISBN: 978-1-59139-415-0
PUBLISHER: Harvard Business Press

Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 384

Fidelity, Hallmark, Michelin, and Wal-Mart are renowned industry powerhouses with long leadership track records. Yet these celebrated companies are united by another factor not generally equated with competitive success: They are all family-controlled businesses. While many view the hallmarks of family businesses-stable strategies, clan cultures, and unencumbered family ownership-as weaknesses, Danny Miller and Isabelle Le Breton-Miller argue that it is these very characteristics that create formidable competitive advantages for many such firms. Managing for the Long Run draws from a worldwide study of enduring, family-run organizations-including Cargill, Timken, L.L. Bean, The New York Times, and IKEA-to reveal their unconventional success strategies and how these strategies can be adopted and applied in any organization. Miller and Le Breton-Miller show how four driving passions of family-run firms-command, continuity, community, and connection-give rise to a set of practices that defy modern management thinking yet ensure a company's long term competitive advantage. Outlining how these practices can enhance strategic efforts from operations to brand leadership to innovation, this book shows what every company must do to manage for the long run.


Marketing to the Affluent
Author: Stanley, Thomas J.

ISBN: 978-0-07-061047-7

Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 336

This book offers a guide to:

  • Myths and realities about the affluent
  • Understanding what the affluent want
  • Finding "overlooked" millionaires
  • Positioning yourself as an expert
Master Your Investment in the Family Business: How to Increase Your After-Tax Wealth
Author: Bartman, Jenifer; Frostiak, Larry

ISBN: 978-1-897526-08-8
PUBLISHER: Knowledge Bureau Newsbooks

Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 224

The Masters series of personal finance books are written for everyday Canadians looking for sound answers-and the right questions to ask-concerning today's volatile marketplace, but with a unique difference: this line talks up, not down, to its audience, a critical element in capturing the confidence of a new generation of personal finance readers: women, the young, the emerging wealth and of course, your traditional readers.


Master Your Retirement: How to Fulfill your Dreams with Peace of Mind
Author: Nelson, Doug

ISBN: 978-1-897526-06-4
PUBLISHER: Knowledge Bureau Newsbooks

Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 224

This is a book for people who want to gain peace of mind in planning their financial affairs for a stress-free retirement. Whether you are looking to set up the right plans at the start of your career, planning to transition out of the workforce into retirement, wishing to better manage your money in the early years of retirement or looking for advice in your later years, this is the book for you.

Who are the happiest people in retirement? Those whose lives have meaning! What a great gift and responsibility we have to "get it right". Happiness and meaning comes from a combination of good health, strong personal relationships as well as a diversified, low risk and focused financial plan. This book provides those solutions with strategy and process.


  • Historically "retirement" was seen as a one time event. Today "retirement" is a series of multi-year "phases". The challenge is to successfully transition from one phase to another.
  • Adding to this complexity is the fact that each spouse may retire in a different way and at different times.
  • To Master Your Retirement you need to find solid solutions to three common questions: Will I have enough income? Can I do the things I want to do? If something unexpected occurs, will I be okay?

This book will help people of all ages understand how to invest their money for peace of mind in the future. Specifically you will learn the answers to these questions: What risks will I face throughout retirement? How can I prepare and protect myself? How much income and capital does it take to get the most of my retirement?


Money Motto: The Path to Authentic Wealth!
Author: Lombardo, Franco

ISBN: 978-0-9731061-1-4
PUBLISHER: Roper House Pub.

Category: Personal Finance
Pages: 118

Money Motto is a helpful and unembellished look at those for whom money is an emotional crutch. Family business founders and successors should heed this essential lesson: money is easy, life and family are hard, but far more fulfilling.


More Than Family: Non-Family Executives in the Family Business
Author: Aronoff, Craig E.; Ward, John L.

ISBN: 978-1-891652-03-5
PUBLISHER: Business Owner Resources

Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 68

Hiring and working with non-family managers can present challenges to the family business. Developing trusting relationships with people from outside the family and sharing secretive information are some of the difficulties expanding companies can face. However, it is essential to create an environment in which non-family managers can succeed for the good of the business and the good of the family. This book explores the processes of hiring, managing, and retaining talented outside executives.


Navigating the Dark Side of Wealth: A Life Guide for Inheritors
Author: Willis, Thayer Cheatham

ISBN: 978-0-9725494-0-0
PUBLISHER: New Concord Pr

Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 201

Navigating the Dark Side of Wealth is for all inheritors. It is for those wealthy men and women who are married but share little or no love. It is for well-to-do parents who are disappointed that their children have become spoiled and misbehaving and with they had some better idea of how to turn them around. It is for adults whose parents use their wealth to manipulate grudging compliance from them. And it is for all who, despite possessing great amounts of money, feel that life is hollow and empty.


Never Fight With a Pig: A Survival Guide for Entrepreneurs
Author: Thomas, Peter

ISBN: 978-0-7715-9139-6
PUBLISHER: Macmillan Canada

Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 204

The entrepreneur who bought the Canadian rights to Century 21 Real Estate and made it into a multi-million dollar success is sharing some of the lessons he learned the hard way:

  • Assessing entrepreneurial risk
  • Putting together a winning team
  • Good deals and bad deals-telling the difference
  • How to bounce back when things go wrong
Nurturing the Talent to Nurture the Legacy: Career Development in the Family Business
Author: Schuman, Amy M.

ISBN: 978-1-891652-12-7
PUBLISHER: Family Enterprise Publishers

Category: Management & Leadership
Pages: 71

Career development is often neglected in family firms, yet it is essential to the continuous process of building leadership capacity for the future. A well-planned and effective career-development process enables individuals meet the strategic challenges of the future. This guide enables family businesses to shed their "sink or swim" attitudes and foster the development of highly skilled leaders for succeeding generations of success.


Passage to the Sea: The Story of Canada Steamship Lines
Author: Collard, Edgar

ISBN: 978-0-385-25168-6
PUBLISHER: Doubleday Canada

Category: Industrial
Pages: 432

For the first time one of the most fascinating stories of Canadian business has now been told-the story of Canada Steamship Lines, the biggest inland shipping company in the world. Author Edgar Andrew Collard is the first writer to have had unrestricted access to the company's immense archives.

This is a story full of glamor. It recalls the Great White Fleet-the palatial passenger ships that provided summer tours of the Great Lakes, the St. Lawrence, and the Saguenay, and the splendid summer resort hotels at Murray Bay and Tadoussac.

The tragedies are here too, including the burning of the Noronic in the Toronto harbour, one of the most awesome disasters in Canadian maritime history.

Through the book passes a parade of memorable characters. Here is the young Grant Morden, who masterminded the mergers that formed CSL in 1913, but ended his years blind and bankrupt. Hal Banks looms large, swaggering and controversial on the labour scene. Here are the Grades of Canadian finance who controlled the company-Sir James Dunn, and Paul Desmarais with his Power Corporation. Paul Martin reshaped CSL for the future, and the book explains why he later embarked on a career in Federal politics.

The history of the company broadens with the evolving growth of such major subsidiary enterprises as Kingsway Transports and Voyageur bus lines. The company's active role in the development of advance self-unloading vessel equipment and techniques has given it a competitive edge in this specialized aspect fo water transport. This aggressive Canadian challenge on the sea lanes is the final note of drama on which the history of CSL ends.


Perpetuating The Family Business: 50 Lessons Learned from Long Lasting, Successful Families in Business
Author: Ward, John L.

ISBN: 978-1-4039-3397-3
PUBLISHER: Palgrave Macmillan

Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 256

This book brings together a vast amount of experience to show the "best practices" of the most successful and long-lasting families in business. It provides a framework of five insights and four principles in which to position 50 lessons for family businesses. This is the most comprehensive book on sustaining the family business and contains international examples and cases and essential tools and checklists of best practices.


The Power of Mentorship: The Millionaire Within
Author: Boyer, Don; Reid, Gregory Scott

ISBN: 978-1-4243-3425-4
PUBLISHER: Real Life Publishing

Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 168

The Power of Mentorship series once again delivers another exciting book, The Millionaire Within. Inside each of us is a Millionaire just waiting to emerge and bring us all of the wealth and happiness we desire. As you read the inside secrets of success and achievement from top international leaders such as Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, and Zig Ziglar, you will begin to give birth to the Millionaire inside of you!


Preparing Your Family Business for Strategic Change
Author: Aronoff, Craig E.; Ward, John L.

ISBN: 978-0-9651011-9-6
PUBLISHER: Business Owner Resources

Pages: 70

Strategies for family firms, unlike those of other businesses, can and should incorporate family factors. Responsible and disciplined strategic integration of family and business goals, strengths and values produces powerful results.

In Preparing Your Family Business For Strategic Change, you'll learn:

  • How to reach your family business' strategic potential
  • How to make change your tradition
  • How to prevent past successes from limiting future ones
  • How to recognize and use your family business's advantages
  • How to overcome family business disadvantages
  • How to depersonalize successes to benefit the business and the family
  • How to create a strategic culture

Creating and implementing successful family business strategy is no abstract planning process. It requires family business leaders to understand the real reasons for success, to create a culture of change, and to manage incremental strategic experiments in ways that consistently stimulate strategic thinking. Preparing Your Family Business For Strategic Change shows you how.


Qualitative Methods in Business Research
Author: Eriksson, Paivi; Kovalainen, Anne

ISBN: 978-1-4129-0316-5
PUBLISHER: Sage Publications

Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 337

Qualitative Methods in Business Research is a wide-ranging and accessible book that provides a thorough overview into most common qualitative research methods in business and related fields, such as marketing, management, organization studies, and accounting. This book offers a practical how-to guide to using qualitative methods, and covers all the major qualitative approaches in business studies, including case study research, ethnography, narrative inquiry, discourse analysis, grounded theory, and action research.


Raising Charitable Children
Author: Weisman, Carol

ISBN: 978-0-9767972-0-3
PUBLISHER: F. E. Robbins & Sons PR

Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 125

An easy-reading how-to guide for introducing children of all ages to charity and volunteering, Raising Charitable Children is packed with practical advice and inspirational, real-life stories of friends and family who have made philanthropy a fun, rewarding part of a child's life.


Raising Financially Fit Kids
Author: Godfrey, Joline; Hinrichs, Kit

ISBN: 978-1-58008-536-6
PUBLISHER: Ten Speed Press

Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 224

Is your child a spendthrift? A hoarder? Or maybe, downright oblivious? Are there family money dramas you can do without? In Raising Financially Fit Kids, Joline Godfrey, one of the country's leading experts on kids, parents, and money, gives parents the secrets and knowledge she has gleaned from a decade of working with kids on financial literacy and business. At the heart of the book lies a defined set of values:

  • Money is a tool for achieving and maintaining independence
  • Saving is good; accumulation for its own sake is not
  • Spending is best done wisely and within one's means (though a bold purchase or investment may also be an act of wisdom)
  • Greed is not good. Giving generously is part of one's responsibility to the human family; shepherding wealth is an act of respect-to the past and the future
  • Money is an energy (not a commodity) that can be used for evil or for good

Designed for adults-parents, grandparents, mentors, advisors, and educators-concerned about raising children ages 5 to 18, Raising Financially Fit Kids is centred around a developmental map covering ten specific money skills each child can master by the age of 18 to become a financially secure adult. This map gives parents a step-by-step approach to helping their kids become habitual savers, smart money mangers, and responsible decision makers. More than just a money book, Raising Financially Fit Kids will help parents send their children into the world as balanced, financially stable individuals and contributing members of both their family and community.


Remembership: New Thinking for Tomorrow's Membership Organization
Author: Sexton, Kyle J.

ISBN: 978-0-9835703-0-1

Category: Management & Leadership
Pages: 112


Your membership development strategy is out of date. I've been saying it in speeches, chats, conversations, emails, and on and on. Are you finally getting it? Why are you hearing me, but not your members?

Eighty percent of your members don't show up for anything, yet you still tout participation as the best way to get value from membership. Unless your membership organization is a health club, you're dead wrong. The best way your members will get value from their membership is by you building a member services menu that provides them value, even if they choose to sit on their proverbial butts.

You tell members and prospects that your organization is valuable, yet you don't put a value on anything. In fact, you give away too much and charge too little. Are you really going to allow your most time-consuming members (the ones you want to fire) to pay the least amount in dues?

There is something awry in the world of membership organizations when your members are starting to detach from your association and start their own thing. You have no advantage of proximity. Your members who work next door to each other would still rather send an email or Facebook message than meet up for coffee. So why would it be that your local association is safe from borderless threats?

Technology has never been more affordable, but your board still says "next year" for that association software purchase you've been putting off far too long.

If you are not an employee, board member, or high-level volunteer of a chamber of commerce or business-focused association, this book is not for you. If you can't imagine your organization without its sacred cow parade, pageant or pancake feed, this book is not for you.

Many of today's membership organizations are living on yesterday's bread while your members drink tomorrow's wine. If your members are putting up with it now, they won't for long.

This book is about renewing your membership development strategies because your memberships may be worthless.


The Retail Game
Author: Plant, Albert

ISBN: 978-1-55365-330-1
PUBLISHER: Douglas & Mcintyre

Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 303

What does it take to start up, maintain and grow a thriving and profitable retail business? Learn from the experience of an expert, as Albert C. Plant provides both a sweeping overview of the Canadian retail landscape and a detailed, step-by-step approach to rewarding retailing for the independent owner-operator.

This comprehensive guide discusses all the major aspects of retailing goods and services in Canada, including retailing strategy; the optimization of the business, of customers and of finances; Canadian market dynamics; ownership and governance issues; and the many "detail" issues that retailers face. The technology of retailing has changed radically in the past decade, and entrepreneurs and retail managers will find that these pages offer valuable insight into the benefits and pitfalls of web retailing.

Written by a man whose combined retail and consulting experience is both broad and deep, The Retail Game is an essential reference for anyone involved in retailing goods and services in Canada.


Ripples From The Zambezi
Author: Sirolli, Ernesto

ISBN: 978-0-86571-397-0
PUBLISHER: New Society Publishers

Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 176

After six years of economic development work in Africa, Ernesto Sirolli witnessed how little most foreign aid programs were actually doing for the people they hoped to help-from creating a communal tomato field on the banks of the Zambezi river (only to be demolished by the river's hippos at harvest time) to donating snow-plows to African nations! However well intentioned, Sirolli points out, inappropriate development often creates more problems than it solves.

Thus was the genesis of this exciting and unique alternative to traditional economic development termed "Enterprise Facilitation"- where depressed communities can build hope and prosperity by first helping individuals to recognize their talents and business passion, and then providing the skills to transform their dreams into meaningful and rewarding work.

Rocket-Man: The Resurrection!
Author: Kjenner, Brian D.

ISBN: 978-0-9688189-0-9
PUBLISHER: Selling Solutions Inc

Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 205

Rocket-Man: The Resurrection! is an enjoyable, easy-to-read story about a sales person named Bob Stephens. When Bob first started in sales, he was a star...in fact, that's how he picked up the nickname 'Rocket-Man!' Over the years though, Bob changed, and slowly his success slipped away. Chapter by chapter, Bob resurrects his career by discovering what it means to be Brilliant at the Basics® with the help of 'Sparky'-the new manager, Teddie and Sarah-members of the 'Old Guard', and Russ Atkens-the most unlikely teacher of all.

Through the story of Rocket-Man, you will learn valuable strategies to:

  • Seek an attract an abundance of high-quality referrals on an ongoing basis
  • Turn prospects into appointments
  • Conduct an initial interview that puts you in control of your sales funnel
  • Help your prospects/clients identify their won needs for your products/services
  • Present solutions that fit the needs identified an agreed to by your prospect/client
  • Motivate prospects to act on those solutions now and become long-term high-value clients

Along with this simple 'client-focused' sales process, you'll pick up great ideas to help you:

  • Maintain a 'healthy' attitude while dealing with the ups and downs of the career
  • Practice and perfect your sales skills
  • Avoid the pitfalls of the Theory of Scarcity
  • Become a T.O.P (Theory of Plenty) star!
  • Be your own 'best' boss!



Sharing Wisdom, Building Values: Letters from Family Business Owners to Their Successors
Author: Kenyon-Rouvinez, Denise H. Adler, Gordon Corbetta, Guido Cuneo, Gianfilippo

ISBN: 978-1-891652-23-3
PUBLISHER: FBC Publications

Category: Leadership
Pages: 147

Sharing Wisdom, Building Values is a valuable collection of personal family letters written from great entrepreneurs to their family members about business, success and life. Through the words of the notable founders, including Fritz Henkel, Samuel C. Johnson, and Robert Pasin, the inner workings of the family business is revealed. They offer advice and insights on topics such as sibling rivalry, succession, working through difficult times, and social responsibility. These letters serve as a window to the past and can help families build upon the future. Sharing Wisdom, Building Values offers lessons from twenty-four family businesses the world over-not case studies, but words from the heart of the family business leader themselves.

This book teaches us invaluable lessons regarding family business. One of the clearest lessons learned is that while every family business is unique, they also have much in common in terms of challenges and rewards. The authors show us through these personal letters how family firms from the world over can learn mightily from one another, just as each successive generation in a family business learns from their predecessors.


Smart Tax Tips: Winning Strategies to Reduce Your Taxes 2007
Author: Thornton, Grant; Yull, Karen

ISBN: 978-1-55263-797-5
PUBLISHER: Key Porter Books

Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 280


Now in its eighth year, Smart Tax Tips is the annual must-have for all Canadians interested in tax-reducing strategies. With more than 150 practical tax tips on everything from alimony and asset transfers to RRSPs and charitable donations, this book will help you design a strategy to maximize your return.

From business owners, to corporate managers, to individuals of all income levels, Grant Thornton advisers have been providing smart, effective tax strategies to Canadians for more than 60 years. Smart Tax Tips will help minimize the time you spend planning, so you can maximize the time-and money-saved for your future investments.


Stampede! The Rise of the West and Canada's New Power Elite
Author: Pitts, Gordon

ISBN: 978-1-55470-120-9
PUBLISHER: Key Porter Books

Category: Biographies & Memoirs
Pages: 360


Imagine a future for Canada where Alberta is the corporate and cultural kingpin, Ontario is on the ropes, and Quebec is almost irrelevant. Not so long ago, all these scenarios would have been considered ludicrous.

But as bestselling business writer Gordon Pitts documents in this fascinating and brilliantly illuminating new book, they are now within the realm of possibility as corporate clout, political influence, and population shift dramatically from East to West. This westward push of power has been the story of Canada over the past one hundred years, as first Halifax then Montreal and Toronto assumed dominance. Soon, however, Calgary and Edmonton will take command of the financial and corporate landscape.

Stampede! The Rise of the West and Canada's New Power Elite speculates on how all this might happen; the people who could make it happen; and how those people became players in this stampede of power to Alberta. Above all, Stampede! is about business leadership and how it is changing right across the country. It zeroes in on the corporate leaders in Alberta who will set the business and social agenda in Canada for decades to come. For Canadians outside Alberta, this is an introduction to their new bosses. But the story includes deeper portraits of national beneficiaries and victims of this shift. It documents winners and losers from across the country, from the wannabe Albertans in Newfoundland, to the entrenched family fortunes of Quebec inc., and the manufacturers and bankers of Central Canada, who are facing unprecedented challenges to their wealth and authority.

The West has been in this position before: seemingly poised on the edge of greatness in the 1970s, only to see it snatched away by plunging oil prices and, in the view of many, a federal government controlled by Eastern Canadian interests. The West is keenly sensitive to this possibility. It is practically a canon of faith for Albertans to quote that famous bumper sticker, "Please Lord, give us another oil boom and we promise we won't piss it away this time".

They got their wish. And as Gordon Pitts chronicles in this page-turning biography of Canada's new power elite, this time they may not piss it away so easily.


Strategic Planning for the Family Business: Parallel Planning to Unite the Family and Business
Author: Carlock, Randel S.; Ward, John L.

ISBN: 978-0-333-94731-9
PUBLISHER: Palgrave Macmillan

Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 270


Family business planning has traditionally centered on two issues-estate planning and succession. These goals are far too limited for today's family firm. Business families want to turn the business not only into a tool for profit, but one for self-expression, innovation, and legacy. The authors introduce the new concept of the Parallel Planning Process, explaining how to integrate the needs and expectations of the family and business systems in order to create an organic and entrepreneurial unit. This new model of family business thinking demonstrates how the family's commitment and the business' strategic potential influence the family's investment decisions. Planning and decision-making templates are included as well as studies of well-known family businesses.


Succeeding Generations: Realizing the Dream of Families in Business
Author: Lansberg, Ivan

ISBN: 978-0-87584-742-9
PUBLISHER: Harvard Business Press

Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 394

Finding the right successor to a well-loved founder or president is often the most difficult task an organization faces-and the challenge is even greater for family-run businesses. From mom-and-pop grocery stores to vast multinationals, family-owned companies dominate the worldwide business landscape, yet surprisingly few are successfully passed down from one generation to the next, and fewer still reach the third generation intact. Author Ivan Lansberg, an organizational psychologist who grew up in a family business, explores the reasons behind this high failure rate, and reveals the conditions that allow family businesses to endure through the generations.

Family enterprises are highly personal, says Lansberg, and many elaborate succession plans are thwarted because deeper psychological factors are overlooked. Lansberg stresses the need for families to share a common "dream" for their company, much like a business has a unified mission. Succeeding Generations helps us to understand all aspects-the practical and the emotional-of the succession process, as Lansberg offers advice on how to mentor successors, how to set up a systematic selection process, and how to make the best use of the board of directors during times of transition. He also provides the first clear assessment of the different options, from direct successions between a parent and a single appointed heir to more complex partnerships between siblings and cousins. With a wealth of examples from companies in the U.S., Europe, and Latin America, Succeeding Generations provides a thoughtful and comprehensive look at the sensitive dynamics of leadership succession in family businesses.

Planning for continuity is a life-long process for families in business, and Succeeding Generations is the first book to provide in-depth answers to the questions that arise at every stage in the evolution of the family firm.


Succession Planning Toolkit for Business Owners: Leveraging Your Life's Work
Author: Aldridge, Kathleen; McGowan, Luanna; Weigl, Corina; Wilton, David L.

ISBN: 978-1-55385-225-4
PUBLISHER: Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants,

Category: Retirement Planning
Pages: 198

Like many owners of privately-owned business, you may be thinking about your transition to the next stage of your life. This is what succession planning is all about.

Succession Planning Toolkit for Business Owners gives you a place to start and the tools to help you identify the issues, collect your thoughts and begin to develop an effective roadmap for a successful transition. The Toolkit clearly identifies common concerns and illustrates solutions and strategies through real-life stories. It offers the practical guidance you need to begin the process of planning for the future-all with the view of enhancing the business you have built and recognizing the importance of the the people around you.


Succession: Are You Ready?
Author: Goldsmith, Marshall

ISBN: 978-1-4221-1823-8
PUBLISHER: Harvard Business Press

Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 130

A leader's greatest challenge can be knowing when it's time to step aside. A great deal has been written for corporate boards on the issue of succession planning. But most executives have few resources to help guide them through the process. How do you start preparing yourself-and your successor-for your inevitable leadership transition?

In this concise book, leading executive coach and bestselling author Marshall Goldsmith offers candid advice on succession from the outgoing executive's perspective. From choosing and grooming a successor while sidestepping political minefields, to finally handing over responsibility, Goldsmith walks you through each step in the succession process.

Done right, your successor can enter to applause while you gracefully bow out and start the next chapter of your life.


Teaching an Anthill to Fetch: Developing Collaborative Intelligence @ Work
Author: Joyce, Stephen James

ISBN: 978-0-9780312-0-6
PUBLISHER: Mighty Small Books Publishing

Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 232

In this hyper-linked world, channeling the attention and energy of a team has never been more challenging. IQ and EQ (Emotional Intelligence) are necessary but no longer sufficient to deal with the present rate of change. Getting people on board and keeping them there demands a new level of collaboration.

In this book you will learn practical "CQ (Collaborative Intelligence) Tools" and processes that help teams and leaders:

  • Attract and retain high quality team members
  • Create a sense of meaningful participation
  • Collaborate in highly effective ways
  • Connect to a strong sense of purpose
  • Balance leadership and followship
The Trainer in You: How to Design and Deliver Dynamic Workshops
Author: Phillips, Hugh

ISBN: 978-0-9736029-0-6
PUBLISHER: HP TrainingWorks Inc., 2004.

Category: ...
Pages: 342


Do you want to...

  • Motivate adults with ease using an 8 step training cycle
  • Take any topic and turn it into a high-impact workshop
  • Discover more than 75 proven training techniques
  • Appeal to all learning styles
  • Manage difficult classroom situations with confidence
  • Increase learner commitment to get the results you want
  • Use more than 20 ways to enrich and enliven lectures
  • Assess your training style and how it impacts learners
  • Get rave reviews every time

This book delivers on all of the above and much, much more!


Trapped in the Family Business
Author: Klein, Michael A.

ISBN: 978-0-9849492-0-5

Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 132

True Wealth: An Expert Guide for High-Net-Worth Individuals
Author: Stenner, Thane

ISBN: 978-0-9689544-0-9
PUBLISHER: True Wealth Enterprises

Category: Personal Finance
Pages: 400

Congratulations. You're rich.

So what's next?

It's an important question, a question few wealthy people ever ask themselves. And that's too bad. Because contrary to popular belief, wealth won't solve all your problems. In fact, if you're wealthy, some of the most difficult, most complex challenges of your life may well be ahead of you.

Enter True Wealth, a financial handbook written exclusively for wealthy people. Inside, you'll find comprehensive discussions of some of the financial and life challenges unique to high-net-worth individuals, along with strategies for overcoming those challenges. Throughout the book are numerous graphs, charts, and diagrams that make complicated issues easy to understand. Case studies and other examples demonstrate how specific strategies work in the real world, while a crisp, conversational style ensures you get the point without getting bogged down in jargon.

If you're looking to learn how to become wealthy, True Wealth probably isn't the book for you. But if you're already wealthy, this book deserves a space on your shelf. Whether you're a millionaire once or many times over, True Wealth will show you how to protect the wealth-and the life-you've worked so hard to build.


The Ultimate Gift
Author: Stovall, Jim

ISBN: 978-1-58919-357-4
PUBLISHER: David C. Cook Publishing

Category: Literature & Fiction
Pages: 162


What would you do to inherit a million dollars? Would you be willing to change your life? Jason Stevens is about to find out in Jim Stovall's The Ultimate Gift. Red Stevens has died, and the older members of his family receive their millions with greedy anticipation. But a different fate awaits young Jason, whom Stevens, his great-uncle, believes may be the last vestige of hope in the family. "Although to date your life seems to be a sorry excuse for anything I would call promising, there does seem to be a spark of something in you that I hope we can fan into a flame. For that reason, I am not making you an instant millionaire." What Stevens does give Jason leads to The Ultimate Gift. Young and old will take this timeless tale to heart.



When I'm Gone: Practical Notes For Those You Leave Behind
Author: Fraser, Kathleen

Preparation for loved ones for when you are just not there.

All too often, parents, friends, or other family members die or go away suddenly without leaving important banking information, house and car maintenance records, PIN numbers, the location of keys, codes, phone numbers, addresses, and so much more. Everyone wants to be more methodical in keeping such records and instructions, and Kathleen Fraser provides the guidebook to make it easy for those left behind.

Elegantly designed and tastefully illustrated, When I'm Gone is a practical fill-in record book and resource manual to help loved ones better handle all the little details of life when someone dies or is away for extended periods because of debilitating illness or other reasons. This book provides a place to give instructions not only concerning wills, funeral arrangements, insurance, lawyers, and last wishes, but also about all the day-to-day details of the household.

This book includes useful information and space to write in notes on:

  • Key contacts and the location of important documents, including wills and powers of attorney
  • Medical care and advance medical directives (living wills)
  • Setting up trusts and choosing guardians for children and other dependents
  • Care of pets
  • Finances and property
  • Maintenance of homes and vehicles
  • Access to and operation of computers
  • Instructions for favorite belongings, from family heirlooms to the old set of golf clubs

This is the practical guide to the essential data that anyone left behind, including any executor of a new estate, would love to find in a handy place.

ISBN: 978-1-55046-514-3
PUBLISHER: Boston Mills Press
Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 144

A Woman's Place: The Crucial Roles of Women in Family Business
Author: Dugan, Ann M.; Kenyon-Rouvinez, Denise H.; Krone, Sharon P.; LeCouvie, Kelly; Pendergast, Jennifer M.; Schuman, Amy M.

The authors explore the changing role women play in today's family business-from the head of the firm to the quiet yet powerful role of "influencer without authority," women are increasingly active in all parts of today's business. This book looks at how to encourage and support women family members, to the challenges women face in finding the right balance between work and life, to the role spouses play in couples that work together. Filled with stories and interviews from women working in a family firm, this book provides insights and revelations that will help businesses thrive in an era of change.

ISBN: 978-1-891652-21-9
PUBLISHER: Family Business Consulting Group
Category: Family Enterprise
Pages: 125

 Working for a Family Business: A Non-Family Employee's Guide to Success
Author: Eckrich, Christopher J.; McClure, Stephen L.

Eckrich and McClure provide a greater understanding of what a family business really is and how they differ from other companies and work environments. Working for a Family Business is designed to provide insight into the family and its behaviour and to integrate the non-family employee into its unique structure. With tips on how to best serve the family business in order to secure not only your own success but the success of the family as well, this book will make you an indispensable family business partner.

ISBN: 978-1-891652-13-4
PUBLISHER: Family Enterprise Pub.
Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 82

Working with the Ones You Love
Author: Jaffe, Dennis T.

The first book on family business by a family therapist, this book shows you how to manage the complex work and personal relationships that are intertwined in family business. It covers all the issues of importance to those working with family members: separating personal and business issues, deciding whether to enter the family business, bringing in relatives in a healthy way, determining how and to whom control of the business should pass, dealing with non-family employees, etc.

Through exercises, reflection questions and case histories, Working With the Ones You Love will help family business owners, heirs, other relatives and employees build communication, resolve conflict between family members, and enable the family and business to grow into the next generation.

ISBN: 978-0-943233-22-2
PUBLISHER: Conari Press
Category: Business & Investing
Pages: 286

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