Alberta Business Family Institute (ABFI)

The Family Business Advisor Newsletter

Newsletter The Advisor's insights help you build trust, settle disputes, provide for orderly succession, and dramatically increase your family's wealth. The choice is yours: If you fail to take advantage of the tremendous power of a family business - and if you allow conflicts or indecision to demoralize family members - your company may suffer the failure that buries thousands of family businesses, large and small, every year.

On the other hand, if you deal forthrightly with the issues facing every family business - the kinds of issues covered each month in The Family Business Advisor - your family and your firm will likely enjoy a legacy of prosperity and harmony for decades, even generations, to come.

You will find down-to-earth answers and revealing case studies on questions like these:

  • How can you smoothly - peacefully - turn over the business to your heirs?
  • How can you make financial plans that increase your family's wealth - and the stability of the business you leave behind?
  • How can you attract and retain top non-family executives?
  • How should you compensate family members who work in the business...and those who don't?
  • How can you buy out your relatives without losing control of the business?
  • When should you sell the business - and how can you make sure you receive the highest price?
  • How can management power be shared among family members - without bitter warfare?
  • How do you best go about firing a family member?
  • How can you maintain trust and harmony among involved and non-involved family members?