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This year's membership packages offer better access to seminars, workshops, networking opportunities, entrepreneurial training, skill development programs and mentors. This means more flexibility and better resources than ever before.

Your membership also entitles you to discounts on programs and events, and access to our expanding library of resources.

Grow your company through the personal and professional advancement of your family business members. Enhance your team's skills and knowledge in leadership development, corporate governance, family relations, building wealth, and succession planning with the assistance of the Alberta Business Family Institute.

Family and Single Advisor Membership

A membership with the Alberta Business Family Institute pays dividends for your family and your company

At ABFI, Membership allows you to gain access to valuable information, support, research and advice on topics such as corporate governance, leadership development, succession management and more.

ABFI employs a user-pay model for our programs and services. Your Family Membership fee of $250 (plus GST) demonstrates your support of the Alberta Business Family Institute and your commitment to your family business. Single Membership fee of $125 (plus GST) is offered as an option for advisers and consultants in the industry. In return, you can expect to receive:

Discounted fees for programs and events

  • Family Business Advisor newsletter
  • ABFI electronic newsletter
  • Notice of upcoming events and services
  • Access to the ABFI email hotline
  • Access to our bookstore and library resources
  • Advocacy for the cause of business families

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For more information on registering for a membership, please contact us.