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Deploying your Unique Strength as a Family Business

September 28, 2021
11:30AM-1:00PM MST

presented by: Edward Hart, Daniel Garrett Van der Vliet, Shauna Feth

As a family business, you have five distinct advantages. You could even call them your Super Powers!

Values    |     Patience    |    Governance    |    Entrepreneurship    |    Trust

Dann Van Der Vliet, Cornell University, Ed Hart, California State University Fullerton, and Shauna Feth,
University of Alberta, will emphasize these advantages as they encourage Family Business members
to leverage their “Super Powers” to meet today’s huge challenges. Family businesses have lots of
experience drawing on their unique strengths, to pivot and find new areas of growth during previous
crises. To name a few: Bush Beans during the Great Depression; the entire beer industry during
Prohibition; and more recently, Purell Hand Sanitizer during the Anthrax scare of the early 2000’s.

This current pandemic, while sudden and far-reaching, will inevitably mean a different model of business for many families and industries. Not all will survive, but those that do will probably tap into strengths they didn’t know they had, finding pools of innovation and a newfound purpose moving forward. 

Using small group discussion and current examples, with a sprinkle of family business trivia, Ed, Dann
and Shauna will facilitate a conversation around identifying what is unique about your business and family, and how amplifying that strength might leverage opportunities heretofore overlooked.
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Insights for the 2nd Generation

October 26, 2021
11:30AM-1:00PM MST

presented by: Myron Uhryn, MBA,CEPA,FEA
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Is International in the Family Future? The Generational Challenge
November 30, 2021

11:30AM-1:00PM MST

presented by: Gregory Senda
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