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Is International in the Family Future? The Generational Challenge  

November 30, 2021

11:30AM-1:00PM MST

presented by: Gregory Senda

We stare into an opaque future where the rules of play have been significantly altered, a New Normal. It is a time when many Family Businesses are re-evaluating their business models and how to continue growing for the next generations of family members. Many are being challenged to their very core. In any time of upheaval, there are both challenges as well as opportunities. This presentation will focus on potential opportunities for Family Businesses to consider in the international arena working collaboratively with like minded Japanese SME (“small and medium sized enterprises”). It is also important to remember that Canada is not an island - challenges arising from international trends can come knocking on our domestic door. It is the premise of this presentation that the complexity of international trends and new technologies is the opportunity for the Family Business to create a Generational Challenge - a challenge for the next generations who grew up with these international trends and new technologies to chart their own path as the family entrepreneurs into the future.
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Philanthropy in Canada

December 21, 2021

11:30AM-1:00PM MST

presented by: Janine Davies and Diana Mao

This presentation will give you an overview of the donor landscape in Canada, noting trends in giving and a discussion on values based giving frameworks. Janine and Diana will also review of the ins and outs of strategic philanthropy, including a refresher on the tax benefits of charitable donations, case studies involving charitable giving and gift planning scenarios and an overview of RJCF charitable giving funds, a donor advised fund program.
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