Partner Programs

During these unprecedented times, the Business Families Foundation has offered a selection of online content free to family enterprises and their advisors and we are happy to share those resources with our ABFI membership. Here is a list of titles that can provide educational support to help navigate challenges and transform your business.

Kotelko Family

Welcoming the Next Generation into the Family Business:

Next Generation VIDEO


A Mother's Perspective on Business Family Dynamics:

Mother's Perspective VIDEO

Reinke Family

Identifying Talents and Inviting the Next Generation to Assume a Role:

Identifying Talents in NextGen VIDEO

The Three Circles of a Family Business System:
Three Circle of Family Business VIDEO

Entering the Franchise Business as a Family:

Entering Franchise as Family VIDEO

Bruno Family

Family Entrepreneurship and Community Building:

Family Entrepreneurship VIDEO

Videos for a Global Family Business Community

Peter Jaskiewicz and Thomas Clark

Global Family Business Community VIDEOS

More Videos

3 Tips Every Family Business Should Follow (John Davis):
3 Tips John Davis VIDEO

The Future of my Family Business (Ivan Lansberg):
Future of my Family VIDEO


Decision-Making Assessment:

Decision- Making Assessment VIDEO