Centre for Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise

Awards, Honours, and Recognition

Le Breton-Miller, I. & Miller D. (2011?2014) SSHRC Standard research grant: When do family firms succeed? ($94,000).

Steier, L. (2010) Barbara Hollander Award recipient, bestowed annually in honor of Family Firm Institute’s founding president, to the individual who best exemplifies her “love of education and learning, commitment to social causes, dedication to civic responsibility, and belief in the human capacity to change for the better.”

Jaskiewicz, P. & Steier, L. (2010) 3-SSHRC grant: Entrepreneurial Behavior of Family Firms and its Relationship to Firm Performance across Generations and Governance Systems.

Jaskiewicz, P. (2010) Top three research posters at the Family Enterprise Research Conference.

Jaskiewicz, P. (2010) Entrepreneurship Paper Newcomer Award, Germany.

Aldrich, H. and Cliff, J.E.* (2010) Ranked 13th on Chrisman et al.'s list of 25 most influential family business articles: “The famliy embeddedness of entrepreneurial activity”, 2003. *Cliff, J.E. is now Jennings, J.E.

Jennings, J.E. & Jennings, D. (2009-2012) SSHRC Standard Research Grant: Negotiating control changes–An embeddedness perspective on the strategies of professional managers in family firms ($92,160).

Le Breton-Miller, I. & Miller D. (2009?2012) SSHRC Standard research grant: An Embeddedness Reconciliation ($56,000).

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