Centre for Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise

Published Papers

Danny Miller & Isabelle Le Breton Miller

Family firms are among the most important economic engines of the modern economy, and the best among them represent much neglected and quite original sources of wisdom for the many non-family firms caught up in today's toppling financial system.

Danny Miller & Isabelle Le Breton-Miller


Forthcoming Papers

Block, J., Miller, D., Jaskiewicz, P., & Spiegel, F. Forthcoming. Technological importance and economic value of innovations in large family and founder firms: An analysis of patent data, Family Business Review.

Chang, E.P.C., Memili, E., Chrisman, J.J., and Welsh, D.H.B. Forthcoming. What can drive successful entrepreneurial firms? An analysis of the Inc. 500 companies. Journal of Small Business Strategy.

Chrisman, J.J., Memili, E., and Misra, K. Forthcoming. Non-family managers, family firms, and the winner’s curse: The influence of non-economic goals and bounded rationality. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 38.

Deephouse, D. & Jaskiewicz, P. Forthcoming. Do family businesses have better reputations than nonfamily businesses? An integration of socioemotional wealth and social identity theories. Journal of Management Studies.

Fang, H., Van de Graaff Randolph, R., Chrisman, J.J., and Barnett, T. Forthcoming. Firm religiosity, bounded stakeholder salience, and stakeholder relationships in family firms. Journal of Management Spirituality and Religion.

Jaskiewicz, P. & Luchak, A. Forthcoming. Explaining performance differences between family firms with family and non-family CEOs: It’s the nature of the family tie that counts! Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice.

Jaskiewicz, P., Uhlenbruck, K., Balkin, D., & Reay, T. Forthcoming. Can nepotism be a source of competitive advantage? A social exchange perspective on types of nepotism. Family Business Review.

Jennings, J.E., Breitkreuz, R.S., James, A.E. Forthcoming. “When family members are also business owners: Is entrepreneurship good for families?” Family Relations.

D. Miller, A. Minichilli, G. Corbetta. Forthcoming. Is Family Leadership Always Beneficial? Strategic Management Journal.

Patel, P.C., and Chrisman, J.J. Forthcoming. Risk abatement as a strategy for R&D investments in family firms. Strategic Management Journal.

Schjoedt, L., Monsen, E., Pearson, A.W., Barnett, T., and Chrisman, J.J. Forthcoming. New venture and family business teams: Understanding team formation, composition, behaviors, and performance. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 37.