Centre for Entrepreneurship & Family Enterprise


At CEFE and the Alberta School of Business, we understand the vital role family firms play in our modern economy and, as such, believe it is paramount to include the study of family firms in management education curriculum. Our students learn how to:

  • Identify and evaluate business opportunities, mobilize resources, and create an organization.Students Creating a Business Plan
  • Manage the transition of an entrepreneurial start-up to a more complex business entity.
  • Interact with family enterprises effectively and develop enhanced understanding of the complications family firms face in different regions throughout the world.
  • Integrate family members into a business venture, take over leadership of an existing family enterprise, pass a business onto the next generation and manage the trans-generational transfer of wealth.

Students can further benefit from substantial scholarships, visiting speakers, international field trips, and individual course offerings in family business and entrepreneurship. 

Major/Minor in Entrepreneurship & Family Enterprise in Bachelor of Commerce Degree

MBA Courses in Family Enterprise

Family Enterprise Course Offerings