Centre for International Business Studies

The Centre for International Business Studies (CIBS) has as Mission to sustain the success the Alberta School of Business has achieved in fuelling global management advance. Ensuring the School be international in its outlook and commitments demands that we engage meaningfully with a range of partner countries. To give practical effect to the School's network of global linkages, CIBS oversees internationally-focused training programs, executive seminars, and education tours at home and abroad. 

The Centre builds international leadership capacity and know-how by shaping ideal fits between resident teaching expertise and global needs for executive education or specialized training. We rely heavily on the culture of learning and innovation which Alberta's history of resource development has fostered. Our recognized areas of training strength have so far been in oil and gas organization, energy-focused accounting and finance, corporate social responsibility and sustainability, supply chain and project management, as well as in public administration, governance and strategic management.

CIBS in brief:

  • An Alberta School of Business centre for higher level training, leadership outreach and research  
  • A significant contributor of Canadian executive management and technical expertise to global markets  
  • Partner with a wide range of commissioning parties abroad in the research, planning, and execution of both open-registry and customized programs (see upper right for open programs)