Centre for International Business Studies

Bringing management lessons to life in an international setting

The University of Alberta’s Centre for International Business Studies

Our mission is to advance management-based internationalization efforts and global partnerships at the Alberta School of Business. Our core function is to organize each year a battery of internationally-focused training programs, executive forums, and management study tours with a range of international partners.

The Centre’s chief aim is to match resident executive development expertise to the needs of the global community for short term management training, particularly in fields such as advanced public administration and effective governance. In managerial technical fields, our expertise is in natural resources, i.e. in oil and gas, mining and environmental management primarily, and secondarily in supply chain management (SCM)/logistics and agri-business. Since 2000, CIBS has organized and provided approximately 125 shorter-term training programs for dozens of governments, state enterprises, or graduate-level executive cohorts. Annual training programs with some of our partners abroad extend back to over a decade.

CIBS’ history as training centre

Over the past decade CIBS has gained a strong reputation for its practical, well-researched, and multi-partnered programs for visiting managerial cohorts. In its first years, CIBS provided a range of capacity building programs for government ministries and state enterprises from China. In 2004, the Centre further took up programs which the former Canadian Petroleum Institute had earlier organized for oil and gas executives from Asia and Latin America. As well, the Centre began in-school and industry placements of “Mini-MBA” nominees from CNPC and Sinopec.

Over the past ten years, CIBS developed a series of customized programs on a range of managerial topics, including new industry development, regional economic development, logistics, agribusiness, environmental technologies and recycling, human resource management, and many others.

Seven years ago, the Centre began an annual Industry Education Tour with the Petrotech Society of India, and next year, we anticipate also delivering the Canadian leg of a new, joint Canada-India initiative for oil and gas company inside directors.

Four years ago, we secured a contract with the World Bank, focusing this time on the mining sector. We provided a short program for Mongolian tax officials, focusing on mineral royalties legislation governing mining and oil sands extractions, and on the setting up of IPOs.

Two years ago, we began to offer two graduate-level programs for visiting MBA/EMBA cohorts. The first of these groups was from the Gujurat, with the students’ academic fees underwritten by an Alberta-based geoseismic company active in their home province. We initiated as well a short, Alberta-based program for EMBA graduates from Korea’s Chungnam National University. This focused on R&D, and was worked in concert with a range of technology commercialization specialists.

By bringing our core focus to a diversity of programs, CIBS has forged close working relations with most of the region’s natural resource firms, industry associations, extractive industries service sectors, R&D and commercialization sectors, and many others. The Centre has also delivered sponsored programs in league with other faculties or departments at the University, most especially with the Engineering Faculty's School of Mining and Petroleum Engineering, as well as with the Faculties of Education, Agriculture, Sustainable Resources Faculties, and the President's Office. In the public sphere, we’ve placed visiting officials or company directors as interns with key ministries of the Government of Alberta, such as International and Intergovernmental Relations, Alberta Energy, Finance and Enterprise, or the Office of the Auditor General. We've worked closely with these and other Ministries on a range of public administration or governance initiatives with visiting cohorts from a range of countries.