Centre for International Business Studies

2000 Eldon D. Foote Lecture in International Business

About the 2000 Foote Speaker:
Dr. Jenny Corbett, Reader in the Economy of Japan at St. Anthony's College, Oxford, is an international specialist in macro-economic policy, banking, and financing in Japan. As a scholar and lecturer Dr. Corbett can claim sustained professional and personal connections to several countries. She initiated her masters level studies in economics in Australia, and graduated from the Australian National University in 1982. A second MA was from Oxford in 1983, and she gained her PhD  in economics in the US, at the University of Michigan, in 1986. Dr. Corbett has as well an early and abiding Canadian connection, in that she was born in Montreal, and retains her citizenship tie with Canada.

In the past fifteen years Dr. Corbett has distributed professional research and teaching between three Research Centres, each of which functions as a continental lens for leading-edge study on Japan and Asia. At the Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies at Oxford, Dr. Corbett shares a working venue and constant forum with Japan specialists from a broad range of disciplines. Her scholarship at the Australia-Japan Research Centre in Canberra connects her to its country-wide research programming, and to the cooperative research efforts it fosters with business and economic researchers in Japan and other Asian countries. And, as Research Associate at Columbia University's Center on Japanese Economy and Business in New York , Dr. Corbett benefits from one of the Center's on-going research priorities: study of change in Japan's financial system and corporate financial structure in the context of a seriously long economic slowdown.

In the past decade, Dr. Corbett has received many awards and commissions for research, and has been actively consulted by both public bodies and private foundations. Early works, commissioned by the PHARE program and the World Bank,  aimed to determine the relevance of Japanese models of financing and corporate governance to Eastern Europe. In mid-decade, she was awarded a Daiwa UK Anglo-Japan Foundation grant to establish and direct the Europe-wide Network and Research Seminar on the Japanese Economy. More recent grants have focused on trade liberalisation in East Asia (Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade), and on responses to banking crises (HM Foreign and Commonwealth Office).

Dr. Corbett  often speaks at, or co-organises, conferences worldwide. She has also authored or co-authored almost thirty papers, articles, and reports since 1990. Topics on which she has published include: investment financing in Germany/ Japan/ the UK/the US; Japanese trade and the EU; monetary policy and portfolio behaviour; foreign banks in Japan; industrial finance and policy issues; financial reform in Eastern Europe; comparative inventory behaviour in UK and Japanese firms.  But, in the past few years world events have made the issues of changing corporate governance in Japan a primary concern. Her most current views on this topic form the content of  The School of Business's  2000 Eldon Foote Lecture.

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